Monthly Astro-Forecasts March 2021

astrology energy eraoflightdotcomAs the wheel of the year starts to turn once again, the longer days bring more than sunlight, they bring a sense of hope and optimism for a brighter future. Each of us are beginning to find our way through the darkness as we turn towards the sun within our hearts and souls. Just as a bulb bursts through the soil and starts to flower in the light, we are beginning to see the fruition arising from a long period of inner cultivation.

March is typically a time for a ‘Spring Clean’ as the longer days bring energy and motivation, and this year it seems important to expand this to all levels – from our living space to our thoughts, beliefs and ideas. It’s time to travel more lightly and to have more space within to rest in peace and creativity. Of course, it can be hard to let go of ideas and beliefs, even when they’re crumbling and turning to dust; it’s their familiarity that brings comfort, so letting them go can leave us feeling a little vulnerable and exposed. However, as part of our evolution, it’s important to be willing to let go in order to open the door to new potential and possibility. If we remain crammed full of everything we’ve collected along the path in life, we become weighed down and unable to move freely, and if we’re saturated with ‘the old’ there is no room to let anything new into our hearts and souls. The phrase ‘less is more’ is so often true.

Letting go and spring cleaning can create spaces, but it’s important we don’t rush to fill those spaces as we need some breathing space and time to re-balance. Space isn’t something to fill or fear, it’s an opportunity to rest and become more conscious of life. We so often feel a sense of urgency to fill in the spaces as we’re so used to having things to do, people to see, places to go and stuff filling up our lives. Yet, it’s only when we realise space is our friend, we begin to see the potential and possibility that resides there.

Space isn’t doing nothing, it’s not being lazy or self-indulgent. Space is simply the gaps in-between everything else. It’s a bit like the pause between the in breath and the out breath, that moment where we do neither one nor the other. That pause matters. Building an awareness of space and being willing to embrace ‘less is more’ looks set to pave the way for a more conscious way of living and being. Many of us go through life not noticing the life we are living, and we can switch off and desensitise ourselves from the beauty and majesty all around us. In short, we become so focused on ‘keeping on keeping on’, that we move into autopilot and lose our natural connection and interconnection to the world in which we live.

The more willing we are to let go of the clutter, to live more simply and to embrace ‘space’, the more we realise just how distracting the clutter has become. It’s time to live with more intention rather than ticking along on autopilot. It’s time to live more consciously, focusing on the things that are truly important. It’s also time to connect with the universe, to be present in the moment, and to learn the art of truly listening once again.

Whilst there will always be things to do, places to go and people to see, there is a need to acknowledge the fact that life isn’t just about ticking off ‘to do’ lists or getting from a to b. Life is unknowable and uncertain, and the more we embrace ‘less is more’, the more we see just how much stuff we cram into our lives that really isn’t that important. Instead of being slaves to email, smartphones and ‘to do’ lists, sometimes it’s good to switch off completely and instead connect with the birdsong, the wind in the trees and the natural world. We are not isolated islands and simply cannot sustain our souls without connection.

It seems time now to be willing to pause, notice and to let go, breathing deeply into the moment and allowing a richer way of living and being to unfold. The more we yield to the power of the breath, the more we re-balance and feel whole. This allows us to find peace with the unknowable nature of life, to have the courage to let our true essence flow freely, and to realise that we truly are vibrant, resilient and magnificent souls. As we each de-clutter, there’s an opportunity to re-discover the potential, inspiration and creativity that resides within. Once again, it’s time to nurture our gifts, to set them free and to breathe wholeheartedly into life…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As you continue to connect more consciously and more wholeheartedly to your inner light, there is a sense that you are beginning to feel more finely tuned when it comes to listening to your intuition. Although you have always been deeply aware of the ebb and flow of the currents of life, when things get busy or chaotic, you can lose sense of this and sometimes feel as though you are a little boat being tossed around in a stormy sea. When you breathe deeply and pause, you reconnect to your inner light and this allows you to see the bigger picture and to find stillness even in stormy seas. Your gift for re-balancing is phenomenal, but it’s easy to lose sight of your gifts and intuition when life feels so full of responsibilities and things to do. Yet, it’s important to honour these gifts as they are the tools to guide you forwards in life with courage, strength and inspiration. As you look beyond the boundaries of your life, March looks set to be a time for reflection and review as you contemplate your true priorities and begin to see new ways to work with the light within your heart and soul more consciously.

In some ways, you seem compartmentalised between ‘keeping on keeping on’ and the breathing space where you are in-tune with the light within, yet there is no reason to keep these separate as surely by bringing everything together you will be more able to make conscious choices as to how to live the best life possible? It really is time for you to think about what makes your heart sing and to realise that your heart ‘singing’ doesn’t have to be a pipe dream as you have the wisdom, tenacity and creativity to live your best life. Believe in yourself and know that you have exactly everything you need to shine…


As you continue to find your feet and gain confidence with the art of saying ‘No!’, you are beginning to realise just how much you bend and flex to the needs and wants of others. Of course, there’s nothing wrong in wanting to be everything to everyone, but it’s important to be everything to yourself at the same time. This isn’t a new thing for you, but it’s one that you need to revisit , as every time you think about re-establishing a sense of balance in your life, you find yourself teetering towards doing even more for others; you just can’t help yourself! The concept of ‘over giving’ isn’t new to you, however it’s important you realise just how much you over give as it can leave you depleted and unable to give yourself the time and space that you need. The art of saying no is not about being selfish or self-indulgent, it’s simply necessary for you to realise that you cannot continually give and give a bit more, as an empty vessel doesn’t help you or anyone else.

The art of saying no is really about honouring yourself more, listening to your own needs and acknowledging when you need to rest, when you need to say no, and even when you need to say yes and accept help or support from others. There is no denying you are a strong and determined individual, however unless you listen to your own needs, there is a chance that you will lose sight of your true essence and struggle to connect to your inner vibrancy and intuition. You seem ready now to consciously re-align your inner and outer worlds in order to live a more balanced life. Sometimes stepping back from others and saying no is not only important for you, but empowering for them too. This is a wonderful opportunity to re-write the rulebook of your life…


The winds of change have been gathering momentum for quite some time, but March looks set to create some new currents of change which may leave you questioning exactly what you want from your life. There is a sense of excitement and you can feel the tingles of shift within every single one of the millions of cells of your being, but there is also a sense of nervous anticipation as you are not yet sure what lies ahead. Of course, no one can know what lies ahead, so instead of worrying about what hasn’t happened yet (and may never will), shift your focus to where you are now and plant yourself firmly in the present moment. You seem ready to find new ways to thrive and flourish in the ebb and flow of life, and you are beginning to let go of many of the perceptions and beliefs that have shaped and defined your life for a very long time.

Whilst it may be hard to label these beliefs as good or bad, this isn’t as important as stepping beyond the boundaries of your mind will help you see that your whole outlook is beginning to shift exponentially as you build a new foundation and re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out. Change is an inevitable part of life, but you can either be carried along with the currents or consciously ride on the crest of the wave. You are a vibrant, creative and effervescent soul, so the concept of being driftwood doesn’t sit well with you as you are one of life’s energetic surfers! As you contemplate yourself and your essence, you realise just how nebulous and translucent your boundaries have become as you’ve lost yourself in the sea of life. It’s time for you to let the winds of change lift up your wings so you can once again soar high into the sky…


Life has been something of a blur of busy-ness lately as your head has been rammed full of things to do, people to see and places to go. Your head has been busy, but your life seemingly less so! It’s as though you are being held at the starter blocks, pulling and pushing to start running, but you seem to be going nowhere fast. There are times in life when running free is feasible, but there are many times when you can’t help but meet obstacles and potholes. You are currently stuck in something of a rut, but instead of wriggling, wiggling and resisting, and trying to pull away, maybe there would be some benefit to gracefully accepting the situation and learning how to lean into it rather than pulling in the other direction? You seem so keen to be rushing around full of busy-ness, but it’s time to ask yourself if you truly want to have a life of rush or a life that’s more in balance?

Of course, there will always be moments of chaos, but when you consciously choose to seek out more balance, you begin to learn how to go with the flow more gracefully. So, although you may find yourself stuck at the starter blocks, instead of pushing and pulling, you simply find another focus until you are free to move forward. This isn’t giving up, it’s choosing to live more intuitively and with more presence. Whilst there might be occasions when you have to think outside of the box to break free, you will quickly learn to trust your phenomenal intuition far more. March is a time to focus more on inner cohesion and inner balance, allowing yourself to be still and also allowing more grace into your life. This is a time to let your inspiration lift your spirits and to bring you more clarity than ever before…


As you continue to re-shape and re-prioritise your hopes and dreams there is a sense that you are beginning to connect more deeply to your heart and soul, giving you a stronger sense of purpose and a clearer sense of self. You have spent a long-time treading water, keeping on keeping on, working hard to keep the wheels on the big bus of your life rolling round and round. Yet, there is a sense that the ‘big bus’ is more a reflection of the lives of those around you rather than your own as you try so hard to be everything to everyone. You keep the wheels rolling, but you’re not in the driving seat and you don’t have the map! This in itself isn’t an issue as you are a naturally giving and generous soul, but when all of your efforts and energy are focused towards others, you can begin to lose sight of your own sense of self; it’s as though your edges blur and you’re not sure where you end and others begin.

Although you’re a giving soul, you’re also a fiery and passionate soul, and you need the space and freedom to roar (even if it’s just once in a while). March looks set to be a month for re-igniting the spark and passion within as you think about the path you have walked and the path you would like to walk, not forgetting the path you are walking now. You are an innovative, bright and motivated soul, so why not channel all of this towards wholeheartedly re-shaping and re-defining your life and finding new ways to finally sit back behind the wheel of your big bus as you seem ready for a new adventure? Of course, it’s your life and your choice, but your need to roar and breathe deeply into life feeds your passion, vibrancy and creativity…


As you continue to work hard at creating a new inner dialogue that is both nurturing and inspiring, it seems that despite your best efforts so far, your inner critic certainly seems to have a loud voice! It’s as though your inner critic even judges your inner critic, and this creates a layer of unrest within you as you try to sit on top of that pedestal of perfection you aspire to reach. Whilst striving to do more to evolve is a positive thing, the positivity can wane when it leads to a sense of not living up to the very high standards you set for yourself. It’s almost as though you never feel like you’re enough no matter how hard you try or what you achieve, your inner critic feels you could do more, be more or achieve more. It’s a bit like scoring 99% in an exam and feeling annoyed about the missing 1% rather than elated for getting 99%.

You are a complex soul, and it can be hard for you to achieve a deeper sense of peace as you are constantly seeking out ways to do more, be more and achieve more. There are times though when you really do need to pause to realise just how much you have achieved and just how amazing you truly are. This isn’t ego bolstering, it’s just an observation of truth. If you spend your life feeling as though you’re never enough, then surely you keep the possibility of happiness out of arms reach as well? Gracefully adopting a more nurturing and inspirational inner dialogue of acceptance isn’t about giving in, it’s simply a way to recognise that not only are you enough, you are wonderful, amazing and magnificent as well. Don’t be bashful and don’t push this away, it’s time now to focus on celebrating all that you are rather than focusing on all that you are not…


As you continue to seek out more of the stillness within, there is a sense that you are beginning to become far more aware of this. The stillness isn’t necessarily great swathes of quiet, it’s more the little gaps in between the busy-ness in your head and heart; those moments of pause between thoughts, breaths or activities. Whilst you might not immediately notice these as they can be fleeting, they are wonderful opportunities to breathe deeply and reset the balance in your life. Embracing stillness and tranquillity isn’t necessarily about spending long periods meditating, it’s more about finding ways to incorporate this into your everyday life. Your mind moves at a million miles an hour in the maelstrom of your inner world, and whilst this whirling, swirling ball of chaos can feel overwhelming to others, it’s the force that makes you the brilliant, creative, intuitive and compassionate soul that you are.

March looks set to mark a period of acceptance for you as you finally make peace with the swirling within and see it as the blessing it can be. It seems the more you accept your natural whirling flow, the less chaotic it will feel as it will flow more fluidly with your consciousness. Sometimes it takes an act of acceptance to move away from resistance and towards something more rewarding. This is a time to stop over-thinking everything and to instead allow your mind to expand and breathe. Of course, your mind is also the source of your over-thinking, but if you can embrace the swirling in your head, you will realise that the over-thinking comes from resistance, so the more you find peace with being you, the more things will flow naturally. Whilst those around you will not even begin to comprehend the depths of your mind, don’t let that define you. Instead, have the courage and confidence to embrace your true nature..


You have always had a good sense of awareness of the path you’ve walked in life. Although you try to keep your focus on the present moment as much as possible, you often gaze at the path behind you and the one ahead of you with a sense of anticipation and reverence. There are times when the opportunity and adventure around you feels palpable and full of expectation; it’s as though you can sense every single glimmer of hope, opportunity and possibility all at the same time. This might overwhelm some, but it seems to intensify your connection to life as it fuels your drive to live the best life possible. There is no denying that you are a mysterious, intuitive and creative deep thinker, and you see layers of life that few ever even contemplate, let alone experience. This can be both a blessing and a curse as sometimes it can feel too much when your filters become saturated, or you become distracted with some of life’s challenges. Sometimes you have to close the door to your intuition and shut down in order to cope until you find your balance again; some see this as you being aloof, but it’s just your way of managing the intensity of the bigger picture you see, feel and hear.

In many ways you feel your way through life, allowing your intuition to shape and define the path you walk and the choices you make. This allows you to live as consciously as possible, making the most of every opportunity that comes your way. Of course, it’s easy to get carried along by the tides of life as you are a fluid soul, so do remember to ground yourself and to stay as centred as possible. Let the inspiration and creativity rise up from your heart and soul, and let this encourage you to stride forth with courage, confidence and joy…


As your soul continues to call you towards change, there is a sense that your perspective on life is beginning to shift. It’s as though you are seeing the world with fresh eyes and everything looks revitalised and full of possibility. As a result, March looks set to be a month of revitalisation and renewal when it comes to how you live as your priorities are shifting and you are thinking about making some important decisions as to what you truly want in life. Over recent months, many of your beliefs, ideals and dreams have been challenged as you’ve been pushed beyond your comfort zone. You are longing for a more creative and energising way to live your life as you are finally breaking free from some of the patterns that have shaped and defined you for so long. It’s time to let go of self-doubt and instead embrace your gifts and talents with grace and confidence.

Although you will always push yourself, it’s time to stop seeking perfection as it leads to more self-doubt. Why not acknowledge the things you have achieved rather than focusing on the things you haven’t? Why beat yourself up for not feeling good enough when you are truly more than good enough; you are wonderful and amazing exactly as you are. Imperfection is something you struggle with and you often avoid completing things in case they’re not perfect, but this is holding you back from living your life fully. Sometimes it’s better to try and fail, or to try and do your best as this is where you evolve the most. If your life was truly perfect there is a strong chance you would be bored as you thrive on learning and new opportunities for growth.  You seem ready now to wholeheartedly embrace change, to let your intuition guide you and to embark on a brand-new chapter in your life…


March looks set to be a month to clear out the closets of your life on all levels: from the physical clutter in your living environment, to ‘to do’ lists that have grown stale, to thoughts and inner dialogue that no longer serves a purpose. It’s time to let it all go in order to embrace a new-found sense of release and freedom. It’s time to travel more lightly and let go of the ‘stuff’ that has accumulated and weighs you down. Stuff isn’t all bad, but too much of it can leave you carrying a large burden that prevents you from rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck into life. You no longer want to feel cluttered, you want to breathe deeply and reconnect to a growing sense of freedom that’s beginning to emerge from your heart and soul. In many ways, the accumulation of stuff can create feelings of lack as more is never enough and you’ve realised that it’s not what you have, it’s who you are that matters most.

Stuff (whether it be thoughts, ‘to do’ lists or clutter) can keep you away from the simpler things in life and it puts you under pressure to keep on keeping on. You are ready now to re-set the balance in your life in order to breathe more deeply and create some much-needed space. Clearing out the closets doesn’t have to feel onerous, it’s about trusting your intuition and honouring your true priorities; it can be a rewarding process if you are willing to approach it with an open heart.  Travelling lightly may sound slightly whimsical, but it’s something you have often thought about as you can feel bogged down with the humdrum everyday aspects of life. You are in the driving seat now, so be bold, be brave and let your intuition guide you! Let go of the clutter and set yourself free…


As your priorities continue to shift, there is a sense that you are beginning to seek out new ways to create more balance in your life. You are stepping more consciously into the ebb and flow, becoming one with both yourself and the moment in order to find a deeper sense of peace. You are also finally letting go of the pressure you place upon yourself to do more and achieve more, and this is enabling you to see your life, your choices and your path from a new perspective. As a result, the things that once seemed so important to you are fading away as you open up towards a more fluid way of living and being; it’s as though you have stepped beyond the boundaries of your ‘everyday’ and have realised just how much more to life there can be. The exciting aspect of this is a sense that you can now see that ‘less is more’ in so many ways which is wonderful as it’s a step closer towards feeling in balance with both yourself and your life.

Those ‘to do’ lists that have shaped and defined you for so long, no longer carry the same level of importance as you can finally see that they are just lists and placing yourself under pressure to keep ticking boxes takes the magic and sparkle out of life; you are ready to live more intuitively and fluidly, taking each day as it comes. Whilst life will continue to have its ups and downs, being in balance will help you to ride the waves with more grace and confidence, as well as with a deeper sense of knowing. March looks set to be a time for acceptance and for making a conscious choice to thrive despite the inherent uncertainty of life. There will always be questions without answers and answers without questions, but this now empowers and inspires you to embrace your life wholeheartedly and with love…


The theme of ‘owning’ your power continues to take centre stage throughout March as your awareness shifts towards the bigger picture of your life. You often see yourself as a passive soul, drifting with the currents of other people’s lives, but your energy radiates brightly, and you have far more power and presence than you give yourself credit for. Owning your power may feel somewhat egotistical to you, but this isn’t about ego, it’s about standing in your power and channelling it more consciously in your life. Owning your power isn’t taking it for granted or ‘overstepping’ the mark, it’s about living more in balance and in tune with the natural flow of things. Owning your power is simply a way to acknowledge your gifts and your phenomenal energy in order to realise that you are far from passive, you are vibrant, effervescent and quite a force of nature!

Whilst you like to see yourself as passive and fluid, fluidity doesn’t have to be passive as it can be empowering and inspiring to step more into the driver’s seat. It’s time to reclaim your sense of self again and to step beyond the layers of things to do, people to see and places to go. Much of this isn’t yours and it’s time to liberate yourself and walk your own path. You may want to be everything to everyone, but the cost of this is a feeling of overwhelm and not being everything to yourself. You’re ready to re-write the rulebook of your life in order to create some much-needed breathing space as you break free from the ‘passivity’ that has shaped your life for so long. This isn’t to say that you will become bullish or self-focused, just more self-aware and self-compassionate than ever before. Loving yourself, honouring yourself and owning your power are all steps on the path to a more awakened way of living and being.

**Source **By Sarah Jane Grace