Ashtar: The Task

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomDramaturgy has its renaissance. We can say with emphasis, nothing is new under the sun. It can be experienced as incredibly new, but eventually you will see the rhythmic and cyclical in what is happening. Everything that once was comes back but you see it with new eyes, with new bodies.

The task for you now is great. You are the real heroes, even though you get spit and spit. The interesting thing is that you are not afraid. You have come so far. This is a real threat to those who are afraid and those in power. Do you see now that they spare no means, they take to their ENTIRE arsenal. We want you to look a little extra at the solitaire’s facial expression and body language. A lot is revealed there. The previously so often smiling faces in giving you false hopes and security, promises, now often can not even smile. You have to understand that they feel really threatened when they do not really have the strength to maintain their facade intact. This will be a subtle confirmation for you that the old, crazy power structures are being demolished. You will not hear the truth from them or “forgive”. You need to be clever and discover the rage in other ways, dear ones.

It is a very exciting time. We want you to see yourself as an anchor of the new age that is at the door. Meditate and connect with each other. Let the starry sky support you, such as Mother Earth and the Deva parallel. Anchor yourself in the light right where you are. You have grown so much more than you can comprehend. You are safe and secure in the truth you have revealed. You can not be disturbed. What a huge HOT it is (smile). You need to get to the point where you can say that even if you take my life, I know how it is and I continue to work from the other side. It will not happen that they take your lives, but you need to be so thoroughly safe, impatient.

The last word I want to give you outstanding candle workers, candle holders, candle warriors and ascension workers is PATIENCE. Be patient my dear ones. The light is so dimmed that you can have a lighter wind with you even if it is chaos and negativity that is constantly trying to separate you. Do not allow it to do so. Fly with the higher currents, experience the ecstasy that is now allowed on a more permanent basis. Rest, dance, sing and anchor. Nothing can stop the growth of light from the closets and we actively hold your hand. You are our heroes.

Warmest Regards Ashtar with entourage, until now.

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**Channel: Beatrice Madsen