Archangel Haniel: Spiritual Spring Announces Itself

divine being emerging eraoflightdotcomINTERHUMANITY IS THE ORDER OF THE DAY

“Interhumanity” and “inhumanity” are the predominant phenomena on earth. However, the time of change has come and so now interhumanity is the order of the day.

Transform your aspirations, transform the imperfect – and imperfect is everything that diminishes the human and disregards the divine.

You are a cosmic and divine being. Full of light and love, you were born in this world, born to sow your light and love on this earth – like a farmer who sows only good seed in the field.

But you have forgotten who you are, what makes you, and why you were led to this earth. Remember, beloved human being! Remember that you are the fellow human being of your neighbor!

“Inhumanity” is only possible because the individual human being has forgotten who he is. “Inhumanity” is only possible because you believe you are separate from your neighbor and there is something between you. What is in between can be dissolved and healed through you.


Never refer to the neighbor. Never say, “he or they have to do their homework”, but first go into yourself and determine what there is still to do, to recognize and to transform.

The upheaval begins in you and through you the whole humanity heals.

Be uncompromising to yourself, be courageous in your life and have compassion first towards your own wounds, towards the wounded inner child.

Many lives you have walked and lived – and in many lives deep physical, spiritual, emotional and mental wounds were torn. Healing these wounds is your first duty today!

Above all, it is now a matter of dissolving everything that people or inhumans have ever done to you, of forgiving where forgiveness is necessary and of loving what could not love you.

It is the time of coming to terms with all evil and suffering. All the horror shows itself to you for the last time, rather it steps out of the field of consciousness of mankind and the earth forever.


You still have to do this work – until you have clarity within yourself, until you are oriented and until you yourself have become a fellow human being.

The unhuman is not only on the outside, but is also within you. Feel it, love it and be amazed how it transforms into pure love:

– When it concerns your issues, be uncompromising; when it concerns your neighbors, practice forbearance.

– When it concerns you, be strong; when it concerns the neighbor, avoid harshness. Do not condemn, because many things are not what they seem.

– When it comes to your life, be human, but forgive the inhumanity in the neighbor. Do not get involved with low vibrations and avoid these energy fields. However, no human being is less than you and every living being walks under the light of the one sun.


Ignorance does not protect – and so you meet your own thoughts and emotions at every turn. No matter who you are and what makes you tick:

God knows you and your life is a single reflection of your thoughts, words and works until you are purified and cleansed to such an extent that you knock and ask for admission at the door to your heavenly home.

Every person is your mirror and the whole world is the stage on which everything human, interpersonal or inhuman, that which really drives the hearts within, is performed.

A play from which you can step out now – and as soon as your light no longer casts a shadow and your deeds stand up to the light of God, that is achieved.

You are enlightened when the light has taken hold of all areas of your being, when no more shadows exist, when you are reborn in the light of God.

On the way to enlightenment, the human in man is liberated and today the human is celebrating the resurrection. The signs are still sparse, but more and more people are remembering.

The spiritual spring is announcing itself and the long lightless period of the human race is coming to an end.

Become aware of your responsibility now, contribute your part, so that the change of mankind can take place, on the individual – on you – it depends!

You were born as a human being and as a human being you shall live, that means to look into the mirror of truth until your loving soul self looks at you – in all its dignity, splendor and glory.

For divine you are and human as soon as you have become human.

I am

**Translation from German to English by

**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl