Universal Love Diamond Frequencies

divine love eraoflightdotcomThe current Diamond frequencies that are being descended upon our Universe, and that will remain for some time, are ones of Unity and profound healing, especially for all who experience deep fragmentation. These essences are introduced by one of the many galactic alignments that are taking place in our Universe, the encounter between Mars and Pleiades, whose configuration is pivotal for the transmission of these Diamond Codes. Forces that again show us that everything within our dual Universe is moving into unity again, for all is experiencing its own way to come back Home.

A very important cosmic frequency that will help us working with the process of self-synthesis. Mars with its masculine and warrior essence meets the loving and compassionate feminine force of Pleiades, both complement each other in an eternal dance, equally, as all is meant to function within Creation.

This is a reminder of what many are finally experiencing by first hand on Earth – the integration of the Diamond Codes that are to help us working with our unified template, dissolving separation and all the feminine and masculine distortions generated through eons of false programming and manipulations.

It is now a moment, even for the ones who are consciously choosing to ascend, to continue distilling old beliefs and be completely open to receive new insights about where we are, for many times we are still under the influx of our egoic illusions, unable to see that we continue to foment separation than unity.

There are many that continue praising the feminine, forgetting the importance of the masculine. Constantly labeling days, events and many other concepts based on old beliefs that only feed fragmentation, as nothing is just associated strictly to the feminine or the masculine, but our own human wish to continue doing this. Both are contained within Source as equal essences, and this is what we need to begin understanding and putting into practice. It is vital to witness ourselves, personal beliefs and be ready to dissolve more of what we thought was real, for no one possess the final Truth.

As my Guides informed me this morning, when I woke up after a profound activation, there is a massive influx of Diamond Sun Codes (understanding by Sun, our Central Sun, a Source that holds both essences) for those who feel ready to move into the next step, and begin the process of transfiguration, which involves to totally leave behind anything that is still in resonance with our old self and life, and reborn into our Divine authentic Self.

The Diamond ascension codes are the ones that are unified in essence, and that help us remember who we are and the nature of our connection with All. Christed, and hence, crystalline essences that when consciously directed have a profound impact in our DNA, helping us to co-create with them for the purpose of DNA reconnection and clearing – retreiving our Adamic original essence.

It is Source’s Light descending directly to us, through the many portals that even though we name just a few of them, have been formed in the Heavens for us to choose whether we continue remaining in separation or in the Divine Remembrance of who we truly are.

Restoring the feminine and the masculine as an equal and unified essence, is vital, if we desire to graduate from this earthly plane, being able to consciously choose a new way of existing, especially those who got trapped under the 3D archontic karmic wheel. One based on experiencing the totality of who we are, rather than separated fragments of it, ones that remain in pain and loss for our human tendency to continue fomenting false illusions.

It is hard to leave behind what we considered to be true. However, once that we are ready to receive what truly IS, continue dwelling in the illusion of what is not, is even more painful. It takes devotion and courage to be on this path, as it involves to be constantly releasing old beliefs and old aspects of ourselves that we were very familiar with, just to continue emptying ourselves to be filled again with our Illumined authentic Essence, one that we may have forgotten, but that it is all we are, in nature.

Within Infinite Love,

By Natalia Aba