Message from the Lemurians: Increasing Frequencies

earth shining eraoflightdotcomWe want to tell our story. We were a peaceful people who lived in love and care for each other and our earth. For us, the material was not the most important thing. We shared with each other. We did not have jealousy and envy. These characteristics / emotional states have been added later. This has been created by human greed.

We were a people who had come a long way in our spiritual development. Thanks to this, we understood each other. Some were chosen to show the way, others were extra good at healing.

We were highly vibrating and could live much longer than you on earth can today.

For you, time is a limiting factor. You count the time. As time goes on, your physical aging. We never did. We did not measure time. We let energies fill us.

We had a greater knowledge of the cosmos, its inhabitants and the energies of the universe. Universe you do not see. Yes, quite frankly, you do not see a fraction of everything around you. You are so limited in your consciousness. Most of you do not think you have other existences near your planet. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Many others, what you call planets, are close to your earth. Among you on earth, other civilizations live. You believe that the earth is inhabited only by humans, what you call flesh and blood.

If you change frequency, you can see the other. We have come to help you in your frequency increase. We have come to help you see and understand what opportunities you have. Opportunities not only in your exploration but also in slowing down, slowing down your physical aging. We want to further the knowledge you possess. You are ready to receive it.

A new era has begun. We are around you all the time.

We are your protectors and the work with your energy increase has begun a long time ago.

See you later. Light and love.

**Translation to English by

**Source **Channel: Camilla Nilsson