New Moon March 13th; Love Awakening

super moon eraoflightdotcomThis powerful new beginning NEW MOON in Pisces is on Saturday March 13th, 2021 at 6:21am AST. Sunday the 14th of March 2021we have in Canada and the USA the clock change moving into Daylight Savings Time. YAY!

All New Moons are new beginnings. Some align more powerfully with us some not so much. This is all dependent on our own unique blueprint, configuration and levels based on our own unique life plan NOW and in those moments.

The POTENTIAL love awakening is through the heart, starting with our own self love and then spreading out into all areas of our lives including relationships. This also includes all new relationships and includes the newness in relationship we experience to our own self through greater potential DIVINE love presence and awareness.

New Moon conjunct Venus is the frequency of BEAUTY, love, harmony and romance. This is a beatific omen for enhanced love and magical beatific experiences within self and then shared.

Sun conjunct Neptune, potentially increases intuition and creativity. It also may be experienced in an extremely sensitive flow of energy, with feeling potentially exposed. NOW this is all dependent on how you are living now. Are you in fear? Do you worry and have non stop thoughts? Or are you at peace within yourself and truly deeply love yourself unconditionally.

Venus conjunct Neptune MAY elevate your love to Divine Love and passion. Opening the way through the heart and through the portal of the heart, to BE the ecstasy of the Beloved, you deeply desire to unite with.

Remember ideal love exists as unconditional love and always starts with yourself. The more you love yourself and accept yourself, the more you open to the greater potential to live as this love. To BE united through your heart with the Eternal Divine. Your eternal Beloved, your true love, throughout eternity, here and now.

We are blessing you now in this the GREATNESS of profound Divine union and love. To know yourself only as the DIVINE Being. The one and only, forever true love.