The Angels: Your Truth My Truth So Many Truths!

the angelics eraoflightdotcomHi Dear Friends,

In a world that is obsessed with “truth” the angels remind us simply to find our own, and in so doing connect with the deepest truth of all… Divine Love. I’ll share some down to earth ways to honor your truth while allowing others their own.

Love you all! Have a blessed week.
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels; My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine two people are standing next to each other. A new person comes to stand between them. Suppose we asked the original two, “On which side is the new person standing?” One would answer truthfully, “They’re on my left.” The other would answer truthfully, “They’re on my right.” It is easy to see in this example that each person – answering from their individual position, perspective and point of view is telling their truth.

Likewise, suppose we placed a piece of chocolate in front of two people, and asked them, “Is this good for you?” The person who doesn’t eat sugar would reply vehemently, “Absolutely not!” The person who takes delight in sweets would answer, “Absolutely yes!” Again, who is right? We would suggest that, from their unique position, perspective, and point of view, they both are. Each is sharing their truth.

“What if,” the one who loves chocolate argues, “no one enjoys chocolate anymore. The chocolate shops in the world will disappear. I will no longer have the freedom to buy and eat chocolate unless I grow and grind my own beans. It’s not fair! You should like chocolate too!” The other says, “My goodness, if everyone eats like you do, they’ll be sick! My health insurance costs will go up and I’ll end up paying for people who aren’t responsible for their health. I’m not supporting that!” Who is right? Again, each one is sharing their truth. Each one is living in the reality they believe in.

It would be far more useful if the one who doesn’t like chocolate said, “How wonderful you are choosing what delights you! I am so happy you have found what resonates. I think I’ll go ahead and give you my chocolate.” The other answers, “Thank you! I hope you find other ways to enjoy sweetness in your life that resonate with you. Perhaps you’ll find my love and acceptance sweet!” They hug and go their way in peace – one to the chocolate shop and another to enjoy a garden-fresh meal.

So you see, the question is not whether or not you are right. You are always right in your own mind and reality. A better question than “Am I right,” might be, “Is my position, perspective, and point of view useful? Does it make me happy? If not, can I find a more positive and powerful point of view? ”

Project this idea into the questions so many disagree about upon your earth, “Who is the right leader for a country?” “Are vaccines good for you?” “Are masks effective?” “Explain why?”

If you ask a million people to answer these questions – through their unique position, perspective, and point of view – they would give you a million slightly different answers! We ask you to consider this. Who is right? Who is wrong?

There are still many people upon your earth who believe the world is flat. They’ve done their math, come up with their arguments and in their reality the world is flat. It would take someone brave enough to set prior conceptions and explore beyond the limits they perceive, in order to experience the world as round. “Ah ha!” you say! “They’re crazy! The world IS round,” and we would say to those of you who insist on this truth, that according to your position, perspective, science, and point of view, it is round. Again, it would take a person brave enough to set aside prior conceptions of physicality and explore beyond the 3D to experience to see your “round world” as simply a symphony of energetic vibrations in relationship to other energetic vibrations! In this more expanded view reality, it is neither flat, round, or even solid, but rather a dance of frequencies!

So who is right? Who is wrong? We would answer again, all of you. Each one of you, given your paradigm, position, perspectives, and points of view has your own truth. Your truth is right for you. What gives you the greatest joy; what feels like the most love – for you – is right for you.

This is a radical 5D concept in a 3D world. So many of you are dead-certain you must know “the truth” about any given thing upon your planet earth. And yet, we ask you to question, “Why?” In some cases, there is good reason. In some situations you want to know what is true so you can take appropriate action.

However, in many cases, there is no positive purpose in trying to dig up, justify, or demand agreement for “the truth” when in reality you can more joyfully focus simply on living “your truth.” For example, someone tells you “this is good for you” and “that is bad.” “You should eat greens.” “You shouldn’t drink coffee.” “You should get a vaccine.” “You shouldn’t get a vaccine?” What to do in a world of so many varying truths that are often at-odds?

Dear ones, there is one truth that will never fail you, and that is the truth of God’s love and God’s guidance… for you, personally, as you live your life day by day. Tune into that when you are confused and you’ll get answers that are right… for you.

“Dear God, is this resonant with me? Is this supporting my intentions?” Whether it be a food, a supplement, a treatment protocol, or a pair of shorts you will get a feeling of yes or no. You will get “your truth” straight to your body and mind’s “energetic in-box” via feeling or knowing, words, or imagery. If you’re not certain turn back to God and your angels, “I think you said this, but I’m not certain. Please try other ways to get the message to me.”

There is a “truth” for you on any given topic, in any given moment, that guides you along a path of least resistance to love. There is a “truth” that leads you closer to the Love of the Divine, which is ultimate truth.

So how do you make this practical? Suppose you like one political leader and your friend likes another. Each of you has your own truth, and you don’t agree. If you are both emotionally mature, you can agree to disagree, dig deeper, and share the ideals you espouse rather than insisting one leader or another is better. You can agree to avoid the topic and have more uplifting dialogues on things that interest you both. If one insists on demanding agreement, the other is likely to walk away and find those with whom he or she resonates with more easily.

Is there an absolute “right” or “wrong” here? Certainly not about which leader is best. Certainly not about what course of action is best, for ultimately the two souls involved must decide for themselves. We have no judgments whatsoever in the heavens! However, we do know that allowing others to have their own truths, while allowing yourself to have your own, frees up tremendous energy for you live the happiest life possible. If you live according to your own inner compass, you are always steered towards people, situations, and opportunities that resonate more easily with you. You allow others to do the same.

Next time you feel a need to insist on being more “right” than another, ask yourself, “Can I simply be OK being right for myself?” “Do I really need others to agree with me, or am I just afraid they’ll force their views on me if I don’t defend my own?” “Does my need to be right come from fear, a need for love, a need to be seen as more intelligent, to feel more competent or more helpful than another?” “Does my need to be right come from a fear that another I care about can’t find their way?” Can you simply accept your truth, knowing what you resonate with? Really dig deep. Why is it so important to be “right” for anyone but yourself?

Next time someone else insists they are more right than you, listen with love and simply be content knowing your own truth. You don’t have to agree with them and you don’t need their agreement.

If you are right within yourself, right within your own soul, living your personal truths, and listening to the Divine within, you will know the absolute truth of the Love that lives within you. You will feel happy, free, settled in yourself, and joyful.

When you are in agreement with yourself in your inner world, you will not require agreement from the outer world.

You need not fear the decisions and truths of others. You need not feel victimized by external circumstances because you will realize that living your truth, living in alignment with the Divine within, you can create any experience of reality that you wish to enjoy!

There are as many “truths” on a given topic as there are human beings upon your earth. There will be agreement on many things, but never on everything. It doesn’t matter, dear ones. Go within. Find your deeper truths and live according to them.

You are guided – each one of you – individually, by the Divine, each one along the path of least resistance to love; each one of you being gently steered ever closer to the deepest Truth of all. You are sourced from Love. It is Love that breathes the very breath of life into you. It is Love that makes your heart beat and keeps galaxies turning. It is, and always has been, Divine Love leading each of you on unique and beautiful pathways, like a multitude of rivers running their individual course, all returning to the vast Ocean of Love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Message from Ann…
Hi Everyone,
I once spoke at a conference where Anita Moorjani was also speaking. I loved her spirit instantly. She is a near-death survivor who wrote a fantastic book called, “Dying to be Me.” She recounts how, in the light, she saw that everything she ever felt and did was right for her journey. Every near death survivor I’ve listened to has talked about the “rightness” of every little thing they experienced on earth. In plain English, we can’t really screw it up. Love wins in the end. The question is simply whether or not we’re going to enjoy the journey along the way.

I was very clear about many of my truths as a teenager. I argued for them often, not yet realizing that everyone else had their own. Later in my late twenties when I got divorced, I went through intense shame and guilt until I realized that my very good husband and I simply weren’t being called along compatible paths. We both found great peace in a long and loving conversation where we admitted our own personal truths. He was being called towards a traditional life and family and wanted a woman who felt the same. I was being called towards a life of spiritual service and self-discovery, and the person I am now. The paths and desires did not coincide, but our hearts did when we shared our truths with love, respect, and kindness. I went on my path to live a life I love. So did he. The truth we shared was love.

Many times, on the surface, my truth is not even the same as that of dear friends. We respect that about one another. I know many wonderful people in the medical profession. I used to scare them when I encountered physical challenges and decided to heal them myself. Over time, as we shared our hearts, I came to deeply respect their understanding of the medical paradigm, while they found a deep respect for my immersion in the energetic paradigm. No one forces anything on anyone else. We share ideas, and support one another along the paths we choose. My own father is a brilliant scientist. For years we argued our “truths” until we both grew and realized that each one of us is like the proverbial blind men looking at the elephant – each bearing witness to a much greater reality through our individual lens. Our conversations now are stimulating, expansive, and above all, deeply loving.

It is possible to be right for yourself without needing anyone else on earth to agree. Vibrationally speaking if you focus on what you believe in and what you love you’ll be guided to people and situations that support you in your truth and you’ll feel yourself guided away from those who don’t. It isn’t about being absolutely right and wrong any more than nature would insist on one thing in the forest being better than another. We all have our place. We all have our supportive environments and people, and as well those not-so-supportive. It is only our job to listen to our inner guidance, and to find the path right for us one moment at a time. The more we’re right within ourselves, the more we allow others to be right for themselves. This, ultimately is the greatest peace.
Here are a few pointers to embrace your truth without making others wrong…

1. Know your Truth. Take time to connect with it.

We are spoon-fed “truths” and ideas from the moment we’re born. We witness our family’s truths. We hear our school’s truths. We absorb religious truths. We hear various “truths” on the news. With this bombardment of energies and opinions, it is essential to take quiet time on a regular basis, to drop into our hearts, and ask ourselves, “What is my truth?” Sometimes you know the answer easily. Other times you must breathe deeply and dig deeper, and ask yourself, one option by one, what resonates with me?

If you are confused, write down all the possible “truths” on a subject that you can think of. Then look at each one at a time and say, “I believe XXX. XXX is right for me.” Pay attention to your stomach. Things that resonate will make your stomach feel relaxed or neutral. Things that are not your truth will give you a tight or uncomfortable feelings.

2. Find ways to communicate your truth as an offering

Some topics you’ll never discuss. Others you might want to share. Before you find yourself in a confrontation or argument, practice speaking your truth with love. “I’m not asking you to agree, but just want to share why I believe what I do, then I’ll be very interested in hearing your perspective….” If you speak with a desire to simply share a perspective that is right for you, rather than to be right for everyone else involved, the conversations can be handled with love and respect.

3. Know when to remain silent and/or walk away

If someone insists on being right and won’t agree to disagree then listen in silence, seek to understand, or walk away. I once had to tell someone I loved dearly, “I don’t expect you to agree with me. I respect that your path is right for you, and wouldn’t dream of telling you to change. If you’re honestly can’t allow me a path that is right for me, I’ll still love you but we won’t be talking anymore.” I loved this person and would have continued to do so, whether we remained connected or not, but I loved myself too. It didn’t resonate with me to be bullied. Happily, in this case, we worked through it. That isn’t always the outcome, but when you’re right within yourself, you don’t need agreement.

It isn’t always easy figuring out and living our personal truths in a world that bombards us with their own. Silence, presence, and time to connect with self is essential. Living according to our own ideals and standards is essential. If we are happy with ourselves, and comfortable with our own truths, then there’s no need or inclination to argue. There’s no need for agreement or validation.

As long as you are right for you, you’re on the right (for you!) path!

Love and Joy!

**Source **Channel: Ann Albers