Present Moment

star bright eraoflightdotcom“Immensely power energies and changes are flooding in, and this will escalate as we are being lifted in ever higher vibrational frequency bands.

So much is disintegrating and is dissolving, and these will become evident in intimate relationships, as some will now dissolve, as the old negative karmic patterns have been lifted and thus the soul contracts were fulfilled. Not only intimate relationships, but indeed all which structured and formed, contracted in some form or another.

Staying in the present moment is so important. So not push, strive or try to plan ahead nor push ahead.

Words like: – “have to”, “ought to”, “need to” in truth have no meaning now, as your own “have to”, “ought to”, “need to”, may not be in highest alignment of what you are being transformed into.

The Divine Feminine has an important message for all of us today: – The feminine aspect is receptive, and be open to receive gracefully and gratefully, whatever the Divine wishes to gift us with, and send upon our paths.

Allow yourself to receive, just to receive what is there in Divine outpouring and inpouring into our us, as we are embracing a totally new life and new embodiment.

We are being upgraded in ways we may not even be conscious of. I am experiencing this intensely, as I was shown what is happening now, and I will elaborate on this in my webinar this coming Saturday,

By being receptive and open, and living through our open heart space, we will be guided, and we will receive to the measure that we are open and ready to receive.

If we are stressed out, and getting ourselves in a frenzy, our energetic fields tend to get blocked and more than this, our receptive centers. We cannot hear for hearing, we cannot see for seeing, we cannot know for knowing.

When we are quiet and still within, and allow the energetic upgrades to pour into us, and allow the unfolding oof the Divine Gifts pouring into now by Divine Decree to manifest into form and being, miracles will happen in and around us. We will be lifted into a totally new and much higher dimensional existence, which we cannot even imagine right now.

Affirmation: “I am gratefully opening my heart and arms to receive gracefully all the abundant gifts and miracles the Divine wishes to bestow upon me!”

Judith Kusel