The Crystalline Energy and the Sun Discs

new sun higher lightImmensely powerful activations are pouring in and the Crystalline Pyramids and Crystalline Energy Grids are literally buzzing in resonance with the New Earth’s being activated to a much higher degree. With it the Sun Discs which were activated are now being fully charged, as the Individual Sun Discs as being released via Sirius from the 7th Central Sun of Illumination. Indeed, what is now be reinstalled is indeed the New Earth’s Golden Crystalline Grids and the New and much higher vibratory Crystal Pyramids.

(Read my book “Why I was born in Africa: the previously unrecorded history of Elysium and the Lion Kingdom” where I go into the spinal column of the Earth, the Crystal Pyramids and Crystalline Pyramid grid and the Sun Discs – available on Amazon, Ingram Spark and my own website)

All of these are activating the Sacred Sites around the world, the Standing Stones, Stone Circles and Stone energy Grids, as well as those dormant, secret and hidden sites which are being lifted into the New Earth.

The Spinal Columns of the Old Earth and New Earth, as buzzing, as the New Earth Spinal column is now fully formed and indeed works as one energy center with the New Crystalline Energy Grids and New Crystal Pyramids. Indeed, each one of these acts as a gigantic tuning fork, a type of sound and vibratory frequency machine and activates the Spiraling energy (the Tesla coil) and more than this sacred Fire and Sound Mer-Ka-Bah as all is literally being fired up from deep within.

As the Sun discs will now appear and merge with those souls who are ready for this merger, those souls who are ready and fully activated, will be tuned into the 7th Central Sun of Illumination via Sirius, for Sirius is the holds the Central Intergalactic and Universal Core Centers.

We are literally now being plugged into the Intergalactic and Universal Centers and with it intense and immense activations, such as never experienced before.

The Sacred Geometries which lie dormant within our own souls and embodiments are being reactivated, plus the Sacred Tones and Sounds, and more than this, the Keys and Codes of the Ancient Tree of Life (or Eternal Knowledge), are being activated in all souls who are in the state of transfiguration.

In this moment quiet time, stillness, and rest are vital. You may feel intense pain in your spinal column and also in your coccyx area and neck at times, and with it, times when you just simply need to lie down and allow the activations to happen. This can turn into muscle spasms as all your muscles are attached to the spinal column, as all the rest of you, indeed, the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well as all the energy bodies.

This is the time when the Diamond and Gold Resonant Frequencies are being released with the Fires of Purification amplified.

All which no longer serves your highest soul growth and good as you are in the process of transfiguration, will simply now disintegrate and come up for releasing and forgiveness.

Surrendering is the vital key at this moment to the Divine within you and Divine Guidance.

These are intensely sacred times of transfiguration – and indeed all of this will be amplified during this year as we step into a totally new existence and form.

Judith Kusel