Cosmic Christ Portal

eraoflight blastAs we continue our passage through the realm of Pisces during this month of March, we will feel how the current frequencies will intensified, as we approach the Equinox. We have been focusing during this month in expanding ourselves through the many invisible realms that again are within, to retrieve the proper wisdom required to continue our conscious journey of integration.

Pisces, rules intuition, compassion and devotion to service, with Pisces comes freedom, and the completion of a cycle, in both the micro and in the macro, as it is also happening in the Planet. With Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, endings come, and hence new beginnings for there is a moment in which both co-exist, at the same time. It is precisely from this timeless and spaceless moment, that we have the opportunity to create a new phase or to get attached to an old timeline. It is with Pisces that we begin to remember our true origins, clearing karmic patterns/agreements, purifying ourselves and achieving personal enlightenment.

Guides shared the importance, once more, of taking the necessary time, for we all have our unique time, to clear ourselves before stepping into the next stage of our evolutionary journey, ones that is introduced by Aries energies, as even though we may desire to continue with the process of manifestation in our new timeline, if we bring past energy, we will find ourselves repeating old scenarios and attracting the same people.

It is important that we understand that above the macro planetary cycles or earthly ones, we all need to know our own micro ones, to know when it is time for us to rest, create and manifest in the tangible, as if we are not first attuned to our own personal cycles, which are unique for each individual, then nothing we ever wish can come into fruition, as we exactly planned, before we are acting against the natural flow of our own organic time and personal phases.

We are immersed within a cosmic Christed portal that together with Piscean energies helps us transmuting lower energies, and above all, pain, which is the main energetic blockage to integrate higher loving frequencies. the current energies are meant to help us in the resurrection, so to say, of our Divine blueprint, by doing the proper clearing that allows us to uncover our authentic Essence, so we can rebirth as the Christed Illumined Beings that we, in truth, are.

The embodiment of what we really are, something that have been trying to be covered and manipulated by eons is not a one day process. On the contrary, as I always say, it takes devotion and above all healing and constant clearing, as the only way to release old layers, programs and reprogram our human minds with new ones that are in perfect resonance with our current state of being. The more we evolve, the more we will continue releasing and integrating higher levels of consciousness, discovering that what we once thought to be true, was another aspect of the totality of the authentic Truth.

This present portal brings the blessing to transcend old patterns and ways of being, so we can begin embracing our true Essence and unique abilities. When we decide to become the pillars of light, the embodiment of Divine Light that we are, we too realize the tremendous power that resides within ourselves and that was wasted by giving it to others, outer forces and false beliefs.

It is vital that we understand that we are our own oracles and guides. The more we continue searching outside, the more we will fall into the risk of integrating fake guidance, delusions and magical thinking. While the more we commune with our soul, the more we will be finally able to truly envision who we are, and the unique mission and path, that was designed for us, which is what this portal invites us to do. So when we welcome Aries, at the end of the month, we stand tall in our hearts and personal truth, going after what we truly desire, for now, we have released all fears to experience our personal power and authentic path.

I AM a conscious being choosing, at every moment, to stand tall in my Wisdom and  personal Power.

I AM One with the Force that creates worlds, aligning with It, always, to bring forth only that which is going to be of assistance to All.

I AM forever abiding in possibility, for this is where the living Source dwells, in love, light and compassion with All.

I AM the Light that loves and heals everything it touches, consciously choosing to sojourn in the unconditional and harmonic frequency of my God Self, now and always.

I AM Divine Wisdom incarnated within a physical body, experiencing myself through a dense reality, and remembering the true power and infinite knowledge that lies beneath the illusion of being human.

And so are You.

Withing Infinite Love ∞

Natalia Alba