Yeshi: You are Olympic Lightworkers

yeshua @ eraoflightdotcomMy beloved brothers and sisters, so many of you are finding it a struggle to allow the present energies to pass through you. These energies are old, dense energies that were locked and blocked away from humanity’s consciousness, because the pain and trauma within them were too intense for humanity to feel. Now that pain and trauma is being released and ‘purged’ through the lightworkers.

You are all familiar with Olympians, elite athelets who train to surpass what ordinary athletes can do, and to definitely surpass the physical abilities of non-athletic humans!

They undergo gruelling training, endlessly practicing although no one sees them. All the public see is a brief moment, the result of countless years of preparation and training. The discomfort and pain they endure in their day-to-day work, combined with their determination and focus, could not be undertaken by just anyone. They are elite athletes

You are Olympic Lightworkers. You work tirelessly – day and night – shining your light, allowing energies of pain and suffering to flow through you so that they may be transmuted and released, for the highest good of all.

This grueling expansion of self is beyond what most of humanity is able to do at present. You are the elite; you are in service to the Divine and to humanity. What makes you even more remarkable is that you are not seeking any glory for yourself, but to be of service.

Yes, as humanity wakes up, they will help; but they will be in need of coaches and mentors to assist them, to show them how to help humanity with compassion for themselves as well as others. You are in training to pass the baton, to become the wise elders for the next generation of awakeners. You are the Olympic atheletes of today, the star coaches of tomorrow.

So when your life programme seems too much to bear, take a breather – I mean that literally! – stop and breath.

Your breath is your instrument of transcendence, breathing in is ‘inspiration’, meaning ‘taking in Spirit’. Let the load be shared, allow divine energy to move through you consciously with your breath.

You are not alone, you too have coaches – some visible, some transcendent – you are constantly being coached and mentored, for we recognise the enormous efforts you are making, the tremendous pressure your dedication can place on your body, your personal life, you work and your finances.

We are with you in every moment, as you shine like the Olympic stars that you are.

**Source **Channel: Jennifer Crokaert