Ashian: Melting the 3D

commander ashian eraoflightdotcomYou may consider the matrix of ‘reality’ to be like a spiral. Many of you are focusing on moving ‘up’ the spiral, from 3D/4D to 5D. Many of you are enduring moments of great intensity, where you feel tired, aching, grumpy, confused or fed up: or all of these at once!

Let me suggest to you, that you are creating the passage between the 3D/4D and the 5D. Let me also suggest that the 5D is here, right now, at the same time as the 3D/4D. They exist together. One is a cave, the other is the vast landscape in which the cave is located.

Imagine you are in a large box; you can stand and move, but you can’t see anything apart from what is inside the box and what is painted on the walls of the box.

Take a deep breath. In. Out.

And another. In. Out……..

And a final…. Innnnn……. Outtttt…….

Now, imagine that the walls of the box are almost shimmering, as if you can see through them. Gradually you see vast horizons, countryside, sky, sunshine… You have melted the box, you have expanded from 3D/4D to 5D.

Then the phone rings, and you are back into the world of doing, not being. The world of focus, not expansion.

5D exists in your now moment. It is around you, because it is inside you. Your mission is to find it, to live from that inner knowing, that expansive vibration: only then will you find the 5D in the world outside you.

Your breath transports you from the outside contraction to the internal expansion. What occurs inside, must be reflected outside.

The more you practice melting the illusion of the 3D/4D box outside you, the stronger your resonance in 5D becomes. Practice stopping and breathing… it immediately refocuses you on the internal, on the 5D. The more you practice, the deeper your experience becomes.

Then, you will begin to walk in both dimensions simultaneously, using the 5D to navigate and expand the 3D/4D. Soon the 5D is obvious to even those who have been sleeping and not noticed the transformation process that has been occurring all around them. They will recognise it as a feeling they experience when they are with you, or out in nature, a sense of deep expansion and possibility, a familiar sense of home, of freedom, of anything is possible. That is the inner world resonating with the 5D potential that exists already, all around.

As often as you can in your day, take a deep breath.

Experiment with this process: stop, drop from your busy mind in to your deep awareness of this moment, imagine a box dissolving as you breath deeper and deeper. Know that you are anchoring the 5D, regardless of what is happening in the 3D/4D world.

This is Ascension and you are doing it.

**Source **Channel: Jennifer Crokaert