Moving Into 5D And Beyond

expansion image eraoflightdotcomWe have been suppressed and oppressed for thousands of years.

There is generations and generations of ancestral trauma that many of us are healing from right now. These are old programs and in order to ascend them and the timelines they belong to, the ego which is 3D needs to dissolve. The 3D reality is based on polarity, separation and fear.

We are all moving through this process, in varying ways, until we reach the Fifth Dimension. Once we reach and move beyond 5D, we are strong and also strong enough to hold and bring the vibration up for the collective.

As we hold the frequency of 5D and beyond, we raise the frequency of those around us through The Law of Resonance and we activate higher dimension codes in them. The Law of Resonance states that two things in close proximity will begin to resonate at the highest level of frequency amongst the two.

If the souls around you are not ready to rise, for whatever reason, they will shift out of our life.

In 5D-12D we are awakened to our multi-dimensional self. Everything is in Divine Love and Flow and we are operating from our Highest Aspect of Self. In the 5D-12D world we are in alignment with the Divine aspect within us all. Choices are not made based on wounds and traumas, because wounds and traumas have all dissolved.

In the 5D-12D reality, you are not acting out of habit or operating in a pattern, you are acting and operating from FREE WILL.

The keys to ascension are held within the Heart Chakra. This is what the Shamanic path teaches us – how to heal in order to  release separation and leave division consciousness behind, so that we may come into True Unity and Divine Love.

THAT IS WHY they want us all fighting, judging and blaming. When we are divided, we are closed off in our Heart Chakras.

When you open up your Heart Chakra, you will purify and heal all the wounds of the past through the power of forgiveness. You will heal and ascend your ancestral lineage, you will release the 3D agreements from all of your life times and you will wake up to and know the manipulation and darkness that fell on the planet for thousands of years.

Through the power of compassion and understanding, and from a higher perspective, you will release judgement and attachment to the outcomes in your life and you will surrender to the ever-changing and great unfolding of the now.

Through the power of the open and activated Heart Chakra, you will stand in your power and speak your truth. You will be sovereign and know that you are the creator of your experience.

In 5D-12D, all of your DNA strands are fully activated and you are living your Divine Blueprint. The lessons you learn exist in higher levels of knowledge, art, dance and music, and so that you may express your unique gifts with the world.

In 5D-12D, you are free to experience life in its fullest expression.

Trust in the Divine unfolding of your path and in the journey that you have chosen. Focus only on the outcome that you want.

Be grateful to all the teachers and remember that everyone in your life is serving a purpose towards your souls growth and evolution.

Be patient with yourself, and stand in and speak your truth.

Those who stay with you are meant to travel with you. Trust that what or whoever falls away from your life, does so in service to your Highest Self and the Highest Good of all.

**Shared per request