KaRa of the Pleiades: Remembering Who You Are

kara of the pleiades eraoflightdotcomI am KaRa. I, as many of you know, I am an emissary, a Pleiadian emissary to the council here on the Earth.

Yes, there is a Great Earth Council here. And many of you, in your multi-dimensional forms, are already a part of, a part of the Earth Council, or a part of the Pleiadian councils, or the Sirian councils, or the Arcturian councils, many of the different councils you, as your multi-dimensional selves, are already a part of.  Some of you already command ships as your multi-dimensional aspects!

Think about that for a moment…You!  You already are the Captain Kirks in the Galactic Empire, the Planetary Galactic Empire!  Think about that!  Now, you are so much more than who you think you are!  Yes, in your flesh and blood vessel, you and your personality are whoever you are now.  But beyond this, beyond this expression of yourself here on this planet, you are so much more.

And we know you!  That is why we have been coming to you over and over, each and every week, coming together, bringing these messages to you, bringing these understandings to you.  And even more importantly, bringing these remembrances to you.  Because it is all about remembering who you are.  It is all about knowing that you are so much more.  You bring so much more to the planet, to the collective consciousness of the planet.

Every time you come together in group meditation, you do so much more than you possibly think of yourselves at this time.  We can tell you over and over how much you mean to the collective, but until you feel, and have those remembrances come to you…  Do you remember being on a ship?  Do you remember being in one of those councils?  Remember sitting at the tables?

Some of you are about to begin remembering that within your dream state, within your awakening state, begin to have visions of the connectedness of it all.  It may not be exactly where you are sitting at a table, but you will understand the vibration of it.  That is what it is all about.

You hear many times everything is by vibration and consciousness.  And indeed, everything is vibration and consciousness.  You are coming to understand more and more how vibration, as you move up in vibration, you are indeed moving up in consciousness as well.  And as you move up in vibration and consciousness, you are coming closer and closer to be able to be in contact with us.

Yes, you are in contact with us right now, as I am speaking with you.  But I speak more of further contact.  Contact that you are all being prepared for.  Many of you do not know that.  Many of you wonder what would it be like to be beamed up onto a ship.  But think about this for a moment:  what if you were beamed up onto your own ship, and connect with your own Higher Aspect of yourself?  What would that be like?  Or if you are able to visit other planets in other galaxies, and truly go where no one has gone before!  At least no one here from this planet!  It is Star Trek and your Star Wars–those depictions are indeed more accurate than many give credence to at this point.

Again, it is all about remembering who you are, and coming to the understanding that you are so much more than the vessel that you occupy now.

We spoke earlier of ascension and how you are in the first wave of ascension.  And indeed, you all are in that first wave of ascension.  Will everybody ascend all at once at the same time?  No.  It is an individual process, as well as a collective process.  For you as individuals are preparing the way, not only for yourself to ascend, but preparing the way for others to ascend after you.

You are the Wayshowers that you have heard many times.  The ones paving the way, preparing the way.  The John the Baptists who are known for preparing the way for those to take on the Christ Consciousness, just as Yeshua took on the Christ Consciousness, became the Christ.  Each and every one of you are in that process, taking on the Christ consciousness, moving through your ascension.

As being in that first wave of ascension now, you have everything opening up to you, vistas beyond your imaginings, or in the process of opening up to you.  Think in terms of stepping up to a precipice, a great precipice that overlooks a huge vista of scenery, mountains, and rivers.

You are standing over it looking down at it.  All of a sudden, you leap.  You leap off of that precipice.  You leap off in faith.  Just as in your movie, your Indiana Jones movie,  ‘The Last Crusade.’  I am receiving this now from The James.  He is sending me this movie.  As he comes to a chasm in the movie. A chasm that he must cross.  He knows this is a leap of faith.  He looks out across that chasm that falls into a deep gorge, and says, “This is a leap of faith” and he for a moment begins to become frightened.  He cannot leap across to the other side, it is not possible.  But then, that knowing overtakes him, and he steps out onto the chasm, into the air.  And what is below his foot?  A path.  A bridge that was invisible.  But now, because he takes that leap of faith and steps out, he is now standing upon a bridge to the other side.

This is what it takes:  a leap of faith, where you just step out across that chasm.  Step off of the precipice, and let yourself soar to the other side, to the other side of dimensional frequency, to those higher fibrational frequencies of the fifth dimension.  This of course is  an analogy.  An Analogy that you are about to experience, many of you.

Will you be ready to take that leap of faith?  That is a question that you must ask within yourselves:  are you ready?  If the answer is yes, then you are in indeed in that first wave of ascension and ready to move forward.

I am KaRa, and I leave you now in peace, and love.  And most importantly, the understanding of a oneness, a oneness of consciousness within all of existence.

**Source 1 2 **Channel: James McConnell