The Greatest Secret

sacred geometry eraoflightdotcomThe greatest Secret which has never truly been shared with all of humanity, has been that of seeking silence, quietude, and creating a Sacred Space, an inner and outer temple, where one can truly become AS ONE with the Divine and embrace Divinity within, in ways which words cannot express.

When one is experiencing Omnipresence to the highest degrees, the ONE dissolves into many, into All-that-is, and thus becomes All-that-is.

Once the soul has expanded into the Infinite Whole, it cannot shrink back into the ego, duality, polarity, judgement.

For in infinite Wholeness there is just ONE.

One with the Divine Source, the Source of all Creation.

In truth, such moments of experiencing Omnipresence are sacred and holy.

One is able to span dimensions and tap into Universal Knowledge.

There is crystal clear clarity.

There is a deep remembering, which goes beyond anything the soul ever can experience on earth, and indeed, is present in the Universal Soul it in truth is.

It is in complete silence, inner and outer, that one can truly hear, truly know and tap into the ultimate Presence, which defies words.

It is the state of ultimate, unconditional Sacred Love, which pours in and out of the Sacred Heart and lifts the soul into ultimate state of All-Being, which is boundless, infinite, eternal, sublime, sacred.

In such a highest state, one can access all and everything, for one is moved into all and everything.

Such is the state of pure illumination.

Judith Kusel