Master Kuthum: The Red Line

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Go the way of the love persistently further! Remain determined and be wise, because a system that is going down and a power elite that is in dire straits are lashing out and destroying everything that stands in their way.

So I invite you to exercise prudence and wisdom. Practice your spiritual exercises, always bring yourself to the center and in connection with God.

The pressure in the cooking pot of the world is increasing and it is up to you to keep this pressure away from you.

Meditation, silence and digital fasting are particularly suitable for this.

In these days it is of great importance that you stay clear in your head and with yourself in your feelings.

It is very easy for the chaos in the world to be transferred to you and your whole life seems hopeless, hopeless or even pointless.

The destructive energies, which are released now, have it in itself! Once again the dark elite wants to cement its rule over mankind. Under this premise everything is to be seen and everything is to be understood, which shows up today at negativity on the upper earth and discharges at destructiveness.


Have you noticed that the dark elements are trying to suppress the light with all their might?

The actions of suppression of people, deprivation of freedom and manipulations have reached such an extent that more and more people must notice it! The dark forces have mobilized everything to thwart the spiritual awakening of mankind in the last moment.

Therefore they try to inoculate not only the people, but also the clouds. The light of the Earthly Sun and the light of the Central Sun are to be blocked in this way.

Be full of self-confidence and courage, because the spiritual light cannot be blocked and the earthly sun will not be darkened.

Also for the dark forces there is a “RED line” which they must not cross! The fact that they repeatedly do not keep to it shows their despair. Therefore the powers of the light clean up there, where the human being cannot go on and the mankind does not know how to go on.

Every day unbelievable machinations are neutralized in the background.

The destruction of mankind cannot and will not happen anymore, the destruction of the earth cannot and will not happen anymore and the global control over mankind will fail.

Too many people long for peace, justice, unity, happiness, joy of life, freedom and love! This train can no longer be stopped!

What you are experiencing now is that all dark actions have been unleashed almost simultaneously. This shows the pressure that the powers of darkness themselves have and opens the possibility for every human being to awaken.


Use this pressure for positive! Do not let the negativity infect you. Stay positive and light oriented. It is best not to meet a wild and injured animal at all.

But if it is unavoidable, then you let it rage, until it loses the strength, you approach it mindfully and try to heal it or you end its torment. No situation is the same as another!

Therefore, always be ready to react very flexibly and be completely free to choose the appropriate remedy for a situation.


The destructive forces that are now unleashed are best met by the attitude of refusal – resistance through denial.

Just don’t go along with the things that seem wrong to you! Reject what feels wrong to you.

Day by day you have the choice to go along or to face the ideas of the self-destructive dark forces with refusal. Give vent to your displeasure, say NO and be ready to renounce temporarily.

Define the essential! Define your own RED line!

Do not let this matrix deceive you into thinking that you could not live without certain “blessings”. Get out – in silence, audibly or inaudibly.

What mentality do you have and what missions do you want to fulfill? In what way do you want to fight – or do you not want to fight at all?


Be aware: there are many ways of fighting. A hermit can be a greater warrior than a general. It depends solely on the inner orientation and what issues a person wants to work on and redeem in a lifetime.

Don’t condemn someone who calls himself a warrior, and don’t condemn someone who completely rejects fighting. How do you know what role a person has come to fill? Have you ever worn the shoes that someone else wears?

For you alone is important: work with the tools God has given you and increase the talents you were born with – everything else is secondary.

We are at the end of time. Many people who know this earth from many lifetimes have chosen embodiment now in full awareness of the challenges.

You have entered this life fully consciously and are at the right place at the right time! Possibly you come closer to the final truth or you reach the mastery in this life. Certainly this is for every human being: From the light you came and into the light you return!

On the day that is granted to you, you complete the circle on this world. The veil will be lifted and you will return home to God.


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**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl