Healing Karmic Patterns With Reiki

the light within eraoflightdotcomKarmic patterns usually run deep. They take some time to heal and break. It is not something you can simply intend to remove and they go away like magic…of course, that would be ideal. But the deeper the wound and pattern, the greater the work that needs to be done to heal it.

Taking initiative, strides and correcting the inherent pattern is something that takes time. Every effort chips away at the issue. It is necessary to take action towards correcting it, yet there is something that can give your actions an added boost. This is where energy healing has its place.

Ways of getting to the root cause of any cycle is to “attack” it at its core. It’s like a sledge hammer that chisels through concrete with sharp blows versus an axe that chips away at wood. The sledge hammer is like energy work…and Reiki energy healing is something that gets to the core, removing the root cause that interferes with living your best life. It removes the weed from its root system.

A Reiki attunement will enhance your energy body by removing density and blockages. When you regularly give yourself and others Reiki, or when you regularly get a Reiki treatment from an attuned Reiki practitioner, the flow of energy becomes very strong and energetic debris naturally falls away. When this happens, karmic cycles can be more easily healed and released.

If you are someone who desires a more fulfilling life, consider learning Reiki so you can heal yourself and others. With practice, your life will change for the better as your energy rises. When your energy vibes higher, you will feel lighter, feel better, and be healthier. Your physical body will match up to your energy body. You will notice the difference in your everyday life!

Reiki is a commitment to yourself. It is a way of being that brings about wellness. It is something you can trust and feel better knowing that the Universe is playing its role in your healing. Your higher energy vibration will bring in more fulfilling situations, relationships, and manifestations. Your intuition and inner knowing will level up and you’ll be better able to handle life’s challenges.

Energy is everything. It can be altered, shaped, and shifted to bring about wonderful and loving feelings and experiences. Commit to your energy and you will see wonders.