Horizons Are Expanding

tune into the light within you eraoflightdotcomWe are transforming from the inside out which is creating a profound shift in how we operate in our world. How we view ourselves and our reality is changing unlocking new opportunities and new potentials.

As we shift our thinking and release the old programs, we elevate our awareness to the realms of the soul where the power we need to manifest a new world is unleashed.

Honour this time as a sacred space where deep healing is occurring. Observe your reactions, assumptions and projections and continue to clear the strands of fear and doubt that still cloud your perspective.

Begin to notice how easy it is to shift from confusion to clarity, from inaction to action. Your horizon is expanding so remember that there is great purpose in all that you are experiencing.


This week holds powerful moments of transformation which are gifting us with the opportunity to gain a greater understanding and clarity around many of the thought patterns and emotions that keep us trapped in the past. It is these thoughts and feelings that diminish hope, create doubt and a lack of faith and trust in ourselves. As a result, we feel immobilised and unable to take action and move forward.

Currently you are replaying old conditioning and therefore shedding old skin. As such you are becoming acutely aware of what has been circling within your unconscious mind.

With this awareness your perception is changing giving you the necessary insight needed to shift beyond the limitations of old thinking and the self-sabotaging patterns it created. The next step is to let them go and to trust in the wisdom you have gained from the past and the inner guidance you are receiving.

**Source **By Kate Spreckley