Judas Iskariot: You Are All Needed

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I have come today to sow some seeds here and there. Everyone who listens and takes in different messages can sow a seed in their inner self. A plant is already there, it depends on whether you have cared for it or not as it can grow strong and so its seeds, which in turn germinate and form a new plant etc. We can call these plants your gifts, your vitality and your life task in this life. You all went down with open eyes, but it can be difficult to harbor the energy that vibrates on Earth today.

Many of you have had a challenging life and you have had to fight to keep yourself above the surface. However, you have managed it and moved on strengthened in your life. The energy on Earth is now more easily absorbed by you, you can find your gifts and do what is closest to your heart. It can be a job, family, children, grandchildren, or something bigger that you have longed to do.

There are many of you now who can embrace your inner voice and have begun to take a few steps after the guidance you have received. We would like to praise you for that, because that is the most important thing you can do right now. It is good if you also take care of yourself and make sure you get the nutrition you need. When you take care of your body, you take care of yourself and it can provide the energy you need to be able to perform your task here on Earth. You are all needed and you all have a task to take on, if only to find the light within yourself. It spreads in your collective consciousness and does great good there. Mother Earth needs a lot of light and many of you came down, just to give her light to her. All tasks small and large are needed today for the energy of love now flows so slowly across the Earth. Take it to your heart, dear children, and let it radiate within you, let it awaken everything that has been hidden and forgotten, let sorrow and pain disappear, let only love and joy remain.

I would like you to try to enjoy every day a little of what is around you, of things that make you happy, hopeful, and that strengthen your mind in a positive way. That is when you begin to see the possibilities and that is when you can discern the change that you and the Earth are currently undergoing. It is from the totality of light and love that you see and understand what steps to take. It is the light that moves you forward, it is only in your own light that you can find the right way home. Seek to find the peace and quiet within you and spread it like the wind that spreads all the small seeds. Seeds that have been captured so that they can fall down where they can germinate most easily. Not all seeds may fall into good soil but many of them do. Be a bearer of light, dear Earthlings, and you carry your destiny in your own hands. It is one of your most important tasks today, it is to seek and find your light so that it can shine like a bright star in the darkness.

We go with you and help you find your light, in many different ways we try to direct your attention there. You may hit a little on the road, but your light will shine all the clearer once you have found it.

I would just like to end by saying that we are extremely proud and grateful for the great work you are now doing on Earth. It is not an easy task that you have taken on, but you do it with great love and brilliance.

A big THANK YOU and and a lot of light and love we now send to the entire population of the Earth. We also send you strength, courage and power so that you can complete your work during this reincarnation.

Great love


**Translation to English by EraofLight.com

**Source **Channel: Ann Dahlberg