Prepare for Equinox; Understanding this Gateway

eraoflight blastEquinox occurs March 20 as the sun moves into the sign of Aries. This brings a whole new level of energy to stimulate rebirth into new territories. New life opportunities not possible before can become available. To understand what this means in your life, continue reading.

Understanding This Gateway

The welcome equinox energy is happening against the backdrop of one of the most tumultuous and uncertain decades you and humanity will experience. Seat-belts advised!

It’s a rare revolutionary time, when all of the old structures and old thinking must be fully seen, examined, and shifted. Messy – and no quick or easy task. It’s the collective, and it’s also your personal life.

Right now there’s a feeling of exuberance and courage in the air. Creative ideas can flow, and more opportunities can arise to evolve to your best self. Many of us sensitives already feel this new energy. No worries if you don’t – but trust that it is there, strongly nudging you to do something daring and practical with this energy to further transform basic outdated life structures.

When you are in tune with your inner guidance, you will “on the inner planes” be reminded of what these structures are for you personally and why they must “go.” None of this is cause for fear. On the other hand, we all must develop deeper levels of patience, self-love, and the courage required to step into a totally new way of being.

As you will read about in my new book being prepared now – The Spiritual Compass to 2021 – we now sit in times of rare challenges and opportunities no generation previously had. Big picture: it’s all good and exactly what we need to progress to the next place on our spiritual path.

3 Steps To Take Now

Here are 3 steps to take now to make the most of this gateway and your next steps forward after equinox.

Honor where you are in each moment, regardless of what it feels like or looks like. Honor others the same way, even if they are “strangers” overreacting to something you said or did. We’re all in this together. This means we must allow for the crazy ups-and-downs in temperament and ability to cope with what can sometimes feel endless and unmanageable. This translates into: honor yourself and others for being here on the Earth now – to self-evolve and to assist humanity bring a whole new reality into being.

Daily remember that there’s a purpose for everything that happens or shows up in your life. No accidents. No one to blame. No situation to “fight” like it’s the enemy. There are no enemies. There is only YOU, moving through these times the best you can. This translates into: do your best in each moment.

Let go of linear focus on time, achievements, and what your ego-self nags you about needing to do. You have a wise inner self that’s quantum and gets the bigger view which transcends clock time and this life. This larger part of you fully grasps the continuum occurring over lifetimes, and into the future after this life. This translates into: relax more, ask for higher view.

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