‘Election Was Rigged’: President Trump Reminds Americans That Dems Stole Election In Blistering Statement

informed eraoflightdotcomPresident Trump issued a scathing statement on Saturday reminding the American people that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged” against him by the Democrat machine.

“The New York Times did a story today saying that various Republican groups, many of them outstanding, are rallying on false claims that conservative activists are finding that the best way to raise money and keep voters engaged is to make Donald J. Trump’s biggest fabrication, Election Fraud, their top priority,” wrote President Trump.

“Sadly, the Election was Rigged, and without even going into detail, of which there is much, totally game changing.”

Trump noted that the Democrats changed election rules without the approval of Legislatures, which is unconstitutional and therefore reason enough to declare the election “illegitimate.”

“Democrats could not get Republican Legislatures in Swing States to approve many of the voting changes which took place before the Election, which is mandated under the Constitution of the United States,” the 45th president added. “For that reason alone, we had an Illegitimate Election.”

Trump also blasted the Supreme Court for their failure to address the valid concerns about voter and election fraud.

“The Supreme Court and other Courts were afraid to rule, they were ‘gutless’, and will go down in history as such,” Trump concluded, “No wonder so much money is being raised on this issue, and law-abiding people have every right to do so!”

Since Trump has been given the Infowars treatment and been banned on virtually every social media platform, Trump released the statement in a Save America PAC email.