For those Fighting a War with Evil, that is Not How we Create Peace

the light within eraoflightdotcomThis is dedicated to the new paradigm masculine who uses power as directed by the Source within, now being raised from the ashes of the old paradigm warrior who used force as directed by the pained human ego.

This essay is not poetry nor a brief spiritual vacation from the more important business of fighting the enemy. Not Bob Hope entertaining the troops during the War. This is practical advice given as an intervention for those under the spell of fighting for freedom.

Some things said here will be unwanted, resisted, and dismissed as useless new age spirituality. This material is uncomfortable and infuriating to the ego in a lower vibration of thought, what Eckhart Tolle so appropriately named “the emotional pain body,” a vibration that can be changed only through the hard work of self-examination. We are maturing out of an old paradigm way of thinking. (You want new paradigm? Stop thinking old paradigm. You want fifth dimensionality? Stop acting third dimensionally.)

We have to stop repeating to ourselves, “This is a war! We’re in a war! We have to fight!,” or we will never get out of the third dimension. It is a matter of vibrational resonance. Which one do you chose? Lower or higher? Dualistic or unified? Suffering or happiness? The energy we generate with our minds runs through our bodies and into the world’s field to create our experience. Even though there are many people who really are fighting a war, the fact is: You cannot fight your way into the fifth dimension.

This point must be clearly understood:

The transition from the third to the fifth dimension is based on stopping fighting enemies. It is a change in attitude, a change in awareness and approach, a specific change of consciousness we must make to transition from duality to unity consciousness. And the means determines the end.

When Obi-wan completed his destiny – to see that Luke was safely away – he raised his saber in a gesture of surrender to the One and allowed Vader to dispatch him, and into the fifth dimension he flew. He traded duality for Oneness and became more powerful than could be imagined.

You Can’t Get There From Here

Fighting is not the way the smartest in the world have effected positive change. The Gandhis, the Kings, the Mandelas all chose a higher path because they followed a higher guidance, not the ego in reaction. In rising above fighting, their hatred, and their fear, they created lasting social reform. Their triumph was not in conquering the enemy, but in conquering the ego. They accessed a higher vision and a higher vibration and rooted themselves in their connection to the Source, and that is how they changed their realities. They forgave the past and its transgressions so they could move on. They refused to call what they were doing waging war. They did not fight with reality. They developed relationship with it and created what they wanted to have in its place.

It is the ego, not the spirit, that fights for freedom, because the ego has a sense of separation that makes it feel afraid. We can’t create freedom by fighting. We can’t create peace by going to war. That kind of thinking is irrational. And to hold onto that mindset is to perpetuate war and suffering. The hardest thing in the world is to admit that we cannot control things; but to acknowledge that puts us in a position of power.

Yet, the ego persists in its course, determined to prevail, and the human spirit attached to that ego is dragged through experience after experience of suffering with no significant change. This is why humanity has not created peace yet. The reason for this recycling of negative experience is that the unintegrated psychological energy of the victim dynamic has not been dealt with. It keeps recycling inside us and recreating traumatic personal experiences; it keeps reinventing the war in order to try to win it so it can escape. The ego misunderstands, and believes that if it can conquer the evil it sees outside itself it will be safe, thus free. This is a delusion, because killing bad guys doesn’t resolve the issues underneath that created the problem in the first place. That is why the dramatic battle between good and evil never seems to end. It is, in fact, an addiction that stems from never facing our pain.

Who Can Make It And Who Cannot

We must confront a relevant tangent now sure to rile the many ardent patriot contributors who insist on repeating the metaphysically untenable meme, “Where we go one, we go all.”

This is not possible. The lifeforce will not pump 880 volts of cosmic current into a human system capable of running only 110. Most humans are incapable of ascension right now, maybe ever. There are few of us who have been willing to look at our personal material and handle it, and that is what it takes to raise vibration. Most wish to remain sleepwalkers, because, for them, consciousness is a burden, not a relief.

The only way “all” will go where “one” goes, is in the sense that, should there be enough of us who have raised our vibration sufficiently to enable the Light to empower the fundamental changes necessary to replace globalism with humanitarianism, then, the sleepwalkers literally will be forced to adjust to a new way, one many of them will probably doubt, complain about, and resist, because it’s not normal. Those of us who can sustain the vibration of unity consciousness will have to hold it while the rest go along for the ride, carried by our momentum. But entering fifth dimensional consciousness will not be possible for them – unless they do the Work.

Here it is from Simon Parkes:

“There will be a massive change in our perception and the perception around us. And I think the saddest point perhaps will be looking back and seeing how few of us actually made it through. But the point is, it is sad from a third dimensional point of view, but from a spiritual point of view, what will be will be. That those that will come with us will and those that won’t won’t.”

At the 19:50 mark:

“Fear of death is worse than death itself.”
– Japanese version of a multi-cultural proverb

Why We Are Stuck With Fighting

The attitude of fighting is fueled by avoiding the feeling of the fear of death.

Again: Fighting is propelled… by avoiding the feeling of… the fear of death.

Our fear of death is so strong that to distract ourselves from it we tell ourselves that our greatest fear is speaking in front of other people.

When a person actually feels the fear of death, that fear energy is allowed to move though the psyche and integrate, because we are letting ourselves be conscious of it. It is consciousness of what is going on inside us that integrates our personality and raises our vibration. Resistance to being conscious, resistance to feeling, is what keeps destructive patterns alive and active. When feelings get integrated, their energy becomes neutral and usable to us as greater personal power. Then we can take effective action as needed, instead of reacting destructively.

Ultimately, our fear of death is due to the ego belief that we are somehow separated from the Source which created and sustains us. And what could be more frightening than that?

The anger and fear that compels us to fight is the absence of the state which will actually free us: Trust in life, an inner knowing that we are inherently safe, and that the Universe supports our existence. This is the knowing that comes with unity consciousness and is the foundation of all the great spiritual systems of the past. Warrior mentality implies unresolved personal pain. As we raise our vibration, we see that fighting for freedom is not the way. Standing in an inner knowing that we are innately free is.

But how do we feel trust in a world where dominators are always trying to control us?

By seeing what is happening from a different level, so that we can remember what we really are.

We shift vibrations to a higher frequency within and do not engage in fighting. We relax and see no opponent. We do not take offense. We do not try to conquer. We do not react from our emotions. We stand calmly in the inner light of our truth – the power within us that accomplishes the task we intend.

Fighting does not win the prize. Not-fighting does. Allowing everything to be as it is creates the space for something new to happen. No relaxation equals no space equals no change.

It is therefore the job of the spirit of a person to come forth as master and take over. It is a matter of intention and willpower, not resistance and firepower. And as the great martial master Bruce Lee said:

“The greater the relaxation, the greater the power.”

He also said, “Emotional content. Not anger!” Bruce called his style “The Art of Fighting Without Fighting”. Here he shows you how in two minutes:

Fighting is oppositional, and exists only in the third and fourth dimensions.

We tend to fight as a way of coping because we get conditioned by repeated suggestion and repeated experience to believe that resistance and opposition is the way out of something undesirable; we have to force things to go our way. It is a redundant inaccuracy that we say we must fight for our freedom from oppressors. In fact, this is just what they bait us into doing constantly, and that is why we never go free. Freedom, however, is not something that is in the possession of an enemy. Freedom is innate, bestowed by the Creator, not other people. And we either use it or we lose it. As we have been in prisoner mentality for so many millennium, we don’t realize that we can just walk away. We are in such an emotionally reactive state now that the globalist agenda is easily implemented. Every time they tell us to be afraid of something – a germ, an enemy, the weather – we react and do exactly what they want us to do.

How did we create this ongoing experience in the first place?

Through repeated trauma and resultant pain and confusion, we forgot what we innately are while here in 3D, and this slowed the vibration of third dimensional living to the point where things seemed almost never to change. This unresolved pain keeps us from thinking and acting rightly, from our true nature. Instead of using our calm natural mind and following guidance from the Source that created us, we follow the lizard mind of fear and separation. When we behave this way as a group we create unreal suffering for ourselves. Then, caught in the victim-oppressor dynamic, we try to fight our way out.

Or protest and plead for mercy.

Currently, many people are protesting against mask mandates and lockdowns. Does the dominating four percent of psychopathic overlords really make the world lockdown? Or does the world lockdown because programmed peoples obey overlords? If you are looking to overthrow overlords so you can be free, you are misunderstanding the whole situation. As a victim to our own victim issues, entreating our oppressors to release us from the prison of our self-imposed belief limitations is lunatic. One must change one’s mind, attitude, and behavior to change one’s experience.

Those who have ears will hear. Everyone has to find out for themselves.

So, If Fighting Is Not The Way, What Is The Way?

Standing up for truth and acting that way. Standing up for your freedom, not fighting for it. Being your freedom. Acting your freedom. This is where it gets tricky to practice, because it is a combination of “civil disobedience” and “compliance” accompanied by an inner state of knowing that we are inherently free anyway. To be poised and calm, either wearing a mask or not, puts one in a position of power. One must be honest enough with oneself to know what to do when. These experiences are here to force us to get clear about what we are and to act that way.

“Build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” And then use that one instead.

Warrior mentality is obsolete. Ego mind thinking is obsolete. We are replacing it with natural mind and unity consciousness. Spirit is orchestrating this process for us. That is what we mean when we say the energies are raising on our planet.

Those with an obsessive focus on fighting do not yet realize that all the actual gains made so far in becoming free have not been accomplished by fighting; they have been accomplished by changes made in awareness and vibration that literally, through the power of thought energy, made it possible for changes in the material world, because the rule is: “First in the mind, then in the body.”

We are living in an energy field that responds to our thoughts. If we are thinking, “I am being victimized and I feel bad and to feel better I have to fight for my freedom and control this adversary,” then we have created opposition and are in a fight we are doomed to lose. This is the trap of thinking in third-dimensional patterns. And the only way to get out of those patterns is to dis-identify with being a victim to circumstances. It is tricky to imagine reality being something other than what it looks like it is to our third dimensional mind, but that is the key to creating something that isn’t there yet – we have to act as if what we want is already real. The third and fourth dimensional realities are characterized by duality, not unity, and are dense with fear and other low vibrational feelings (including resistance to admitting that we are not really victims). If we are headed to the fifth and unity consciousness, we had better be practicing that way of thinking.

What Unifying Actually Does In Practice

A hundred years ago, the disparate masses of three hundred million Indians were being controlled by one hundred thousand British. They were organized by Gandhi to act as a whole, a unified group who simply stopped believing they had to be obedient. To show both the Indians and the British just how much power the natives really had, Gandhi brilliantly called for a national religious holiday, and the next Monday, when no Indian went to work, the entire country stood still. No buses ran. No factories operated. No servants served. “In the end,” said Gandhi to the British consulate, “You will see the wisdom of leaving.”

A mob of broken, emotionally reactive souls cannot create what a unified, heart-centered, and inspired people can. They are in two fundamentally separate dimensions.

And so it shall be, when enough individuals have been touched by the Light to see through the illusion – the ruse – that they belong to the system, instead of the system belonging to them. Pain now is forcing us toward Gain, and Spirit is looking for victims willing to wake up and receive its loving Light so they can have a better life.

So relax warriors, male and female. Unlock and unload. Let your hearts be unburdened of their pain. It’s OK to surrender to a higher way that will actually lead to what you want. It’s old paradigm and dysfunctional to continue the battle between Good and Evil. They are two sides of the same One thing anyway. The New Paradigm lies on another dimension of existence, and the Path is clear. What remains now is only to make the choice for it.


Parisse Deza is a new age Renaissance man, a visionary with 48 years experience in self-cultivation arts, who calls his field Consciousness and Creativity. He is an educator, counselor, reader, artist, writer, and Daoist internal alchemy, chigung, and feng-shui adept living in Sedona, Arizona. His main purpose is seeing-in the Aquarian Age and the fulfillment of the original American dream of absolute personal freedom in relationship with all Life.

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