Judas Iskariot: Follow Your Heart

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and today I just want to send a greeting to all the people of the world who are staying on Earth today. It is a challenging time for many of you, but you are growing incredibly much in strength and power. You begin to realize that it is together in small or large groups that a lot can happen and that this is when you can make your voices heard. It is when you work for peace and love for all the people around you that your voices get a creative sound and there are more who listen. There was little about it.

It is good if you follow your heart and take the steps that it whispers to you to do. Several of you work with yourself both physically and mentally. It can be things like changing your diet, moving more in nature or starting a hobby of some kind. It can also be to let go of negative patterns and get new iee´r and experiences about how everything can be. Many of you are also quite tired due to all the energies that abound in your world, so just being and resting in yourself, can be fully sufficient until you have built up enough energy again. Today you need to manage a little with yourself and go inside to listen to what is best to do right now. It is a whirling wind that travels around the Earth today with many different energies, which can be easily picked up by those who are open and sensitive. It can be very tiring, so going inside and strengthening yourself can be a necessity for many. When the balance is within you, it can also re-establish the balance in your outer world.

A lot is coming to the surface now, both from Earth and from yourselves. These can be memories, as well as physical defects, which again blossom from nowhere. See it for what it is, it’s old rubbish that came up to the surface to be seen, taken care of and then disappear. There is an incredible amount of work that is now being done by humans, both for themselves and for the Earth. There are many who work for the good of people, for the good of the animals and for the good of nature, depending on what is closest to their hearts, and is the task they feel they want to do. There is a great deal of gratitude here towards these diligent ants who only see the goal and who trample over all the adversity they have encountered along the way. Those who engage in something that they feel great passion for, they are driven by an inner motivation and inspiration that makes them invulnerable to adversity. They immediately start looking for new solutions, they fully trust their inner ability and the guidance they have, so that they will eventually reach their goal.

What are you passionate about? What is closest to your heart? Can it be something creative like painting, drawing, writing, cultivating, or can it be debating societal issues, constructing different things that are needed in a society, etc .. Anything that you feel good about, you should do now. It can be something as simple as walking on a beach and dipping your toes in the water, or sitting against a tree trunk in the woods or in a park and listening to the sounds you hear there. Everything you do as you feel good, wants to give you inspiration to feel even better, it is a godsend today. You are all worth so much more than you think you are worth.

You are worth gold, dear people on Earth, and then I mean the golden light that shines above your heads with all the love that is already you. It shines a little extra now to remind you that love is all that is, that is all that is, that is all that you are.

Great love


**Translation to English by EraofLight.com

**Source **Channel: Ann Dahlberg