The Sacred Seals

sacred geometry eraoflightdotcomThe most sacred Seals containing immense Light Pockets of information for the New Golden Age and the New Earth have just been broken and the Light Pocket information is being released in several stages to those souls on earth who are ready to receive such information and activations.

These go hand in hand, with the most, sacred and hidden teachings of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, which were indeed burnt at one stage, and some copies were confiscated and never given the light of day, by those who wished to control such information.

The seals now being broken, indeed will be transmitted directly into those souls who are ready to go through immense transfiguration and are in the process of doing so. This will mean that no human will transfer this knowledge, but will be transferred directly, to prevent any outside interference.

What this means is that these Light Pockets of Information, will indeed lift these souls into the higher dimensional state and frequency bands, and into the New Earth Embodiment in the most powerful ways.

The key here is purity and purity and purity of intent, for one’s innate intent will always be read. Will such activations and information be used for the highest good and the greater good of all, or for self-service etc. ?

The Sacred Seals contain the infinite Power Pockets of Divine Love in its purest form, with the ultimate transcendental Pockets of Divine Light Information, which goes beyond description.

It will bring about huge changes in the vibrational frequencies of the physical embodiment and full transition into the new Lightbody which is already forming, as the ethereal spinal column of those who are ready, is already in place, plus the power grids.

With it the Divine Feminine is busy releasing her own Sacred Seals, which is anchoring in the Feminine Christ, and the Magdalene Codes, and this will culminate in the Sacred Book of Love being returned as well, over time.

More than this, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, the High Orders of the Christedness plus the Magdalene’s, are working in the highest degrees now with the transfiguration and with the intricate transformation, of those souls who wish and are ready to go through the transfiguration, and total rebirth, and the old self behind forever. They work with the Lord Melchizedek, The High Orders of Melchizedek, Enoch, and John.

Immensely powerful transitions are upon us, and especially those souls who are now leading the process.

It is a deep transfiguration into the highest light state and the highest expression of unconditional love, Christedness and indeed fully embracing the Divinity within, as one is AS ONE with the Divine Source and Infinite Whole.

This is indeed a most sacred and holy weeks, we are entering now.

It is a time to seek out quietude and a much deeper connection with the Divinity within and thus to seek guidance and clarity in the highest degree.

If you truly seek, you will receive. If you ask, you shall be given to the degree that you are ready to receive and can assimilate such.

Indeed is now the time, to seek the inner sanctuary, the inner sacred space, temple and abide there. Seeking the Sacredness, the Holiness and indeed, the Divine Omnipresence in the highest degrees.

Get ready for intense transformation and intense transfiguration, accelerating now for those souls ready to receive this.

Holy, Holy, Holy.

Sacred, Sacred, Sacred.

All is sacred.

All is holy.

All is Divine.

Judith Kusel.