12 Energy Bodies

tune into the light within you eraoflightdotcomThe Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and all 12 bodies.

Most people get so hung-up with their physical bodies, the chakras, etc. within this body, that they are not aware that this just forms one single entity, within a much vaster whole.

First of all, we have 12 chakras at the moment with the higher consciousness fields setting in, which need to be fully activated now. In essence there are 352 chakras all in all, and the more evolved you become, the more of the energy fields get activated. At the moment it is then essential, that the 3 chakras, above your head: causal, soul and stellar gateway all are opened up, so that you can access the higher dimensions. With this there is another chakra just below your navel, which is called the navel chakra, between your sacral and solar plexus chakra, which needs to be activated as well.

The most important other chakra is the earth star chakra, which is about 15 cms under your feet, and this anchors your soul work into Mother Earth. Indeed, with your Stellar Gateway and soul chakras opened up, you need the earth star chakra open, so that the energy flow is not blocked anywhere.

If you have not learnt yet about the Antakarana (Light) bridge, and how essential this is to activating the higher states of consciousness, with all these chakras, then I suggest that you make a point of learning about it, and activating it. This work like a conduit for pure Divine communication, and forms a bridge between you and the higher dimensions. It helps to open up communication channels and brings in more light. It needs to go through your Stellar Gateway, though all your chakras, and into the earth star chakra and then all the way down into the middle of earth, firmly anchored into the Sun Pyramid crystal there.

The Emotional body is the next layer, or body which is formed around your physical form. This holds all your emotional baggage – FEELINGS. Whatever you feel at some level is programmed in here. If you carry so much emotional baggage with you, then this clogs up this body, and it literally starts feeling like you are lugging around a ton of bricks, if this is clogged up. When we forgive others and ourselves, release current and past life trauma, then this body brightens up and is cleansed and purified.

The Mental boy forms around the emotional body, and this is the powerhouse of our thinking and relates to our central nervous system. If this body is in overload then we get stressed out, or are short-circuiting our systems somewhere along the line. If our left and right brains are out of balance then this body is out of balance. It needs to be in higher alignment with our physical and emotional bodies, before it can function on optimum level.

The spiritual body is our spiritual hub and extends sometimes as much as a mile outwards from our physical body. It is our central hub. It is here that we FEEL or SENSE the energy fields of all around us. That is why, highly spiritual or soul connected people who have fully activated the four bodies, will have a vast light around them – and a halo around their heads. The halo is the soul star fully activated and the spiritual body crystal clear and in harmony with the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

Note, this is not our auric field but is truly another body. This is why super sensitive people will immediately read the energy fields of others, for the spiritual body has sensors and picks up the vibrational energy fields of others. The more spiritual aware we become, the more those sensors will pick up what is discordant with its energy fields.

The more conscious we become, and the more of our chakras, plus other 33 energy centers in our bodies get activated, the more the rest of 9 bodies start forming around the four basic ones. I will not name them here, for this is fairly advanced teaching and not for those who are still novices, but it is within each single one of them, that more keys and codes are stored, or patterns is you like of or original Divine or soul blueprint and our connection to our monad or soul group.

All of life has 12 bodies. Mother Earth is no exception. That is when I do earth clearing or cleansing work, or send love into Mother Earth, I always include the physical, emotional, mental and all 12 bodies of Mother Earth. She is a living and breathing THRONE and thus forms part of the Godhead itself. The Thrones look after and guard the planets. They transform Divine wisdom into frequencies that humanity can accept. Lady Gaia has decreed that is it important for the rest of this whole universe that we ascend into a much higher state of consciousness and into a much higher frequency band. Therefore she has to detoxify, and has started to throw off negativity through volcanoes, earthquakes and floods etc.

We have a vital part to play in the raising of consciousness of our planet as we cleanse and clear our own energy systems and bodies, and raise our own consciousness.

I am sharing this information because I am being asked about it. Essentially this forms part of my teaching curriculum.

One cannot just reach the higher states of consciousness, without doing the inner work and more importantly the inner clearing work. Even daily our energy centers can get clogged up, because we absorb the toxins of negative and lower vibrations all around us.

The more conscious become that we are pure walking energy and energy fields, the more we become aware, that we are so amazingly made and put together by a master brain, that we do not just exist in one single form.

That is when all 12 bodies are fully activated we are able to vibrate at such high frequency bands, that our bodies are sheer light. We can then easily bi-locate, assemble and dissemble ourselves and teleport.

Yet, we still have a long way to go before most humanity catches up to all of that.

Most find it difficult even to still their minds, never-mind cleansing and purifying their own bodies and energy fields.

(Judith Kusel)