Removing the Seems of Self

the light within eraoflightdotcomWhen I was a little girl I loved to play with paper dolls (of course it was the 50’s slim pickens for toys) I don’t even know if the kids nowadays know what a paper doll is but in the old days it brought the imagination into fruition. Whenever I would cut out the paper dolls I always seemed to cut the dimensional aspects of her different than what we’re portrayed in the directions. In other words I didn’t obey instructions nor did I color in the lines and to this day I am still that same little girl.

Life as we know it now demands us to stay within the lines, the seams that are sewn for us by life and others. To follow the rules even if we don’t believe in their Construction. Eventually becoming robotic of nature The real us begins to fade like a ghost that’s stayed too long in a Disney mansion. We try hard to hold on to what was but feel ourselves drifting like an astronaut on a windy day. This feeling of disconnection also feels like a death of sort, all alone, drifting not attached to what is around you or the outcome.

Every day I get emails about this disconnect energy, many ask are they going to die or is the earth going to die? In actuality we all know the old us has left the building Not to return in the same decorative costume.

Many feel they are completely disconnected as a Consciousness that escapes from what is Matrix of Nature and controlling up life force. The real authentic aspect of our soul fights for freedom on all levels thru all dimensions. Not giving in to holographic dimensional flybys that cause one to falter in their true nature.

Each and every day I ask the Real Goddess Gillian to get her Celestial Butt integrated fully into all of my dimensional selves that seem to be running amuck. There has to be a number One, an original not an extra crispy version of the authentic self. Even if we are Matrix of birth or Matrix of Destiny as so many Proclaim, it is my intention to hold on dearly to who and what I am, the Light that I represent and the Love that I am learning to embrace in all of its formats.

It is within this domain of thought that we no longer hold on to the old ‘seems of self’ but allow a new Heavenly ‘in-lightened-Stitch-in time’ to enter our lives. We may feel like cosmic Castaways on a really bad reality show but I come to tell you to change the channel of your creation. Imagine your self getting a new wardrobe of Light designed for every season of your life. Encircle the old you within the new garments of light. integrate fully to stop the sense of drifting and floating away from life.

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