Change in Relationships

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomRelationships will be changing and indeed are changing as the New Earth is making herself felt more and more and the Old Earth disintegrates and the old you.

What is not authentic and real anymore, what cannot hold the deepest truths within, will now spiral outwards and inwards and disintegrate the lower frequency creations and indeed will bring transformation in all and every form and way. As much as the Spiral disintegrates it also recreates in much higher frequency forms.

We are evolving. We are being lifted beyond that which has ever been before.

This is mostly true for relationships: whether it is the relationship you have with yourself, a beloved (a lover or spouse), family, children, pets, community, society, etc.

For what is not true, and the highest truth will disintegrate. It cannot hold form.

Through this immense transition, let us keep our heart open and allow the power of unconditional love and the true power of forgiveness and loving Grace to lead us.

Let us be kind to one another and allow our truest soul and heart to speak through us, and act through us, and indeed, if we need to go on the path alone for while – that is ok, for those we genuinely love will always be with us, if not physically, in soul and spirit, for love is eternally present, never absent and indeed loves eternally.

Some will be lifted, and some will choose to stay behind.

Give them the freedom to make their own soul choices and live their own lives according to their own concepts and beliefs of what that life should be like.

Above all, stay true to your own Self, as you embrace the Divine Soul Self within yourself and allow your heart to be cleaved open more and more, so that you indeed become the Love which changes everything and transfigures it into the highest and purest Unconditional love, and indeed, ever expanding into that love, which is all embracing.

There will always be those souls who will be willing to walk that path alongside you, as there will be those who will choose not to.

At this crucial time, two will be standing next to each other.

One will be lifted, and one will choose to stay behind.

Yet, know that in the greater Universal Scope, no soul is ever lost, and all will find their way to the soul home and the highest truth within, even if this needs be on another planet, another star system and another Universe in another incarnation.

Simply step into the highest truth of who and what you are in truth and live this from your heart and soul and have faith and trust that you will be lifted and guided and thus experience far greater and deeper love than ever before, in your new embodiment and new form.

Indeed, we cannot even imagine what this will be like at this moment. Therein lies the Divine Gift.

Faith, truth and unconditional love, is what will indeed transform us and our loving relationships as miracles will happen.

Some will grow closer together than ever before, but that closeness will transform into something more profound.

Some will grow apart – yet the soul contracts have been fulfilled as the all the karma has been lifted. Yet some will choose to replay the karma and thus will succumb to the old patterns and choose not to step out of them.

Some will indeed choose to walk the path alone, and then find themselves blessed with true soul companions as they are indeed all transform and experience the sublime.

All is perfectly unfolding – even if it seems all is falling apart at the seams.

By Judith Kusel