Rising in Frequency

energy waves eraoflightdotcomIn the last few hours and days we have been lifted into a much higher vibrational frequency and this will accelerate in the next 48 hours. The great purification is now happening in earnest, as the old is put into Sacred Fires and all is transmuted into the purest God frequency light.

The energy vortexes around the earth are now being attuned to the vibrational frequency of the new Earth.

I was so clearly shown this, this morning and thus know that as our own vibrational frequency moves into the higher octaves, our physical reality is changing rapidly. Indeed we cannot operate on the low and slow density levels anymore.
This will impact on all of life.

The old ways are disintegrating.

Old forms of the physical experiences of life, relationships etc. will disintegrate too.

Vibrational frequency match will attract the same level of souls at same frequency band and pull them together. Thus it will be a vibrational energy match. Indeed we will not need to be physically together to have intimate relationships and this extends into the greater family of souls.

One can have the most amazing union with someone in the highest and most sacred way, without needing to be with them in physical forms, as we knew it in the old Earth.

We will bicolate, teleport and communicate telepathically. It is already happening. Our energies and energy fields are always in communication, always linked and we can always tune in into each other and indeed into all energy fields.
Welcome the new life and new way of living in the new earth.

Judith Kusel