Yeshua: The Last Days In Jerusalem

yeshua @ eraoflightdotcomBeloved people, you messengers of God and angels in human form.

Do you know who you are?

Gods from eternity, from the light of all being.

There is no separation between us, except that which you yourselves have determined through your lack of awareness and have thus called into your lives.

Truly I say to you: We are all one! Unchangeable and all time, from eternity to eternity.

I greet you and your heart fills with my love. The power of all life from the omnipresent being.

Today I give this knowledge, which is to be brought to your knowledge, so that you can finally get out of old pictures around my life on earth.

We write the year 35. The last days in Jerusalem have begun. My last weeks to say goodbye and to give last “instructions”. For we all faced our new tasks and to carry our light into the world and to bring it to the people. Where we were sent, by God’s intention and with the consent of our soul.

The consent given in eternity, even before birth into human existence. The highest and most important commandment was to love our neighbor:

Love your neighbor as yourself.

This “formula” awakens the unconditional love, and to this instruction all instructions are subordinated.

Therefore, it was necessary to internalize this view of life and thereby remain constantly focused on the forces that generate love in order to expel negativity and darkness from the hearts. Bringing this attention into everyday life was an absolute requirement for all those who went out to set an example of an unadulterated life of love.

And in those days, this intention was solidified in the brothers and sisters.

After the “last supper”, at which we once again strengthened ourselves together through the power of love, countless personal meetings took place so that I could attune each of my companions to their individual assignments. Nothing was left to “chance”, because the hearts of the people had been entrusted to me until then and handed over to me by God. So now the time had come and they were all tuned in thoroughly to their future assignments.

Be aware of your assignments and know who you are!

That is what matters most of all. Today as well as then. There is no time that can invalidate this fact, that can undermine this need to know about his life on earth.

This is of essential importance!

As long as this knowledge is hidden from a man, he is truly ignorant, and such a man is given up to darkness.

Only through this you become capable beings. Able to change, to transform into your being, to be reborn as who you are. A human life is built on this, and without knowledge of it, life is stale and empty, unfulfilling and sluggish; the shadows crowd into the heart until they darken it completely.

This “commandment” is thus vital. Then as now, all time and in eternity.

So it was first up to me to kindle this inner fire in my brothers and sisters. A fire that is expressed by the unconditional desire for this knowledge.

But how does one attain this status? How is it possible to access this knowledge?

These questions had to be confronted, and through my individual “advice” many were able to find their way into their destiny, and above all they were able to live it, to put it into practice and to leave their mark on earth by trusting in their being.

Thus it was always the wish of the individual, a pure intention, expressed from the heart, which preceded this realization.

Once a heart is filled with the longing for the eternal being, this knowledge, the knowledge of our descent, is also given!

All information, which is necessary, which should support us in our doing, is given. And a pure heart, filled with this deep and sincere desire, receives knowledge about the nature of its individual existence on the planet earth.

Once the fire is kindled, it is necessary to sustain the flame. So that it burns everything that hinders, and so that it enlightens everything to look.

Many of my apostles were discouraged, and not everyone could deal adequately with the new situation that presented itself.

Through the final instructions, however, they were able to reconnect with the life that had become so familiar to them in recent years. The life out of, in and through love.

This fullness was rekindled in those days in most of the hearts of my beloved companions, so that they were ready and courageous, in clarity and with the certainty of God’s inner guidance, to live according to their assignments.

If you want to know who you are, it is necessary to bring the light of God into your life!

If this is achieved, all channels open, which were still blocked so far and kept you so far away from this realization around your being.

The constant and persistent readiness, your attentive conduct of life and your devotion to God bring you this great gift. And from then on you never go astray, and truly: your ways are blessed!

Be aware and know who you are! Act like the gods that you are.

Live the love that you are. All-One and unconditional.

Thus the third instruction was and is given: Experience yourselves as All-One!

Every separation is illusion and brings misfortune, disrupts your life and leads to war.

The human race is one! Inseparably united for eternity to uplift the planet. Unchanged this fact has endured.

In Jerusalem of that time this knowledge, new for the understanding of that time, was given. Placed in the hearts of those people who set out to carry the Good News that we are walking gods to the world.

Our individual differences do not matter, since we are united by the overriding force and power of love. Neither gender, nor race, nor religion, nor social standing are indicators that legitimize what separates.

All aspects of the ONE Creator, the ONE Consciousness, the ONE Expressive Power of God.

To realize this is to have risen and understood God’s omnipresence.

To understand it, at least to sense it in such a way that peace, sympathy and compassion can be lived.

It is an absolute necessity to grasp this scope, and this is more relevant today than ever before.

My brothers and sisters went out. Some, however, remained in Jerusalem. So also my brother James and my son Joshua. The Jewish community needed their blessed attention to grow, to be brought to this realization about our being.

These three “virtues” were instrumental, and with this knowledge we set out into the world to serve the people and to carry the light, our light, to where the illusion of darkness held the hearts of men menacingly in fear.

Miriam set out, and with her Sarah, who, like Joshua, sprang from our love. Their path eventually led them to Gaul, and the accounts of it are essentially correct. But not in order to maintain the so-called “bloodline”. That is not the point, and all assumptions about it are misleading, confusing and damaging!

We are all ONE!

And highlighting a bloodline works against this. This is the work of people, those who have not understood, who have no knowledge of the true nature of all life.

Please do not be confused. Miriam also had the ONE message, the ONE mission and the ONE eternal element of all-encompassing, unconditional love to bring into the world.

To the place you call France today. To scatter in the south of this country this sowing, and we were always connected through the inner channels of light and above all through the umbilical cord of love.

So this is how we went out.

Peter finally arrived in Rome. But there, too, the story told to you must be set somewhat straight. He did not die that barbaric death that is presented to you as heroic.

(According to legend, Peter was crucified upside down at his own request after his arrest by the Romans. This sign of martyrdom was meant to represent his singular devotion to Jesus, author’s note.)

Although many people met their deaths in the arenas of Rome, this cup passed Peter by, and he finally ascended into the light at a ripe old age. Even his crucifixion did not take place!

Please accept this fact and now free yourselves completely from these frightening images that paralyze you and thus give you a false example.

– The Good News of unconditional love for your neighbor.

– The Good News of knowing who and what you are.

– The Good News that all life is ONE.

That is why we were born, and now we have been sent to proclaim this message. These were my instructions, and in those days they were integrated by the people who were destined for it.

The sending of the apostles began, and for everyone who participated in it, his/her life finally became a matter between him/her and God.

We went out to elevate the world and remind people of their original status.

And today it is up to you to complete these tasks. For the seed is coming up, a rich harvest is in store. Today it is you who are sent to finally establish this consciousness:

The consciousness of the interconnectedness of all life. Of the love from being, which is experienced unconditionally only in the unity of all people.

Blessed is he who comes, and truly I am in the midst of you.


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**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl