April’s Energies: Divine Sacred Remembrance

waves of light eraoflightdotcomMarch was THE MOST POWERFUL month we’ve had thus far… leading into this vibrational/energetic now. So much energetic upheaval and clearing that needed to occur. So much deeply buried (asleep) begging to be un-anchored, felt and processed through/out of the cellular body/entire template….

The whole month “one huge electromagnetic unlocking”….

We blew the March Equinox Gateway wide open with immense Portals exploding wide open to then be taken to the depths, to feel and see and work through/resolve/dissolve/unify/clear the cellular body and entire field of old old old dense separation programming still held within the body template…. as a beyond important part of Planetary Ascension/Multi-Dimensional Existence to make way for new Light Codes to unlock/activate/come through for all new vibrational/energetic/reality alignment processes…. and “emptying out” process that plays out as another process I’ll share in other writings…..

Because we have individual as one level, linked with Gaia as another,  linked with various collectives and Galactic/Soular/Star/Cosmic Levels as well… we do this on a multi-tiered/multi-dimensional/multi-frequency bandwidth level…. which can be beyond intense when the “biggies” present….

March’s huge “purge”/density/program clearing was beyond important for these next phases we’ve already entered into…

March/The Equinox unlocked so many things…. a huge month focused on electromagnetics, rebalancing and releasing… for stronger “new” Light Codes to be activated/come through for all to integrate/embody/put into play however each’s individual reality presents….

We conclude so very much as a result of inverted realities…. and the activation of FREEDOM FOR ALL OF HUMANITY Light Codes… (each must open up to activate/integrate/apply these to their own lives fully)…

April’s Energy….. Wow. Just Wow….. the last few days we went full-on, power-up, gateways wide open to release the most codes I’ve ever experienced/observed “all at once” (entire 24+48 hour process that continues still)….

Every existence…. every code…. ALL OF THEM… as a part of our Deep Sacred Remembrance which is always energetically the Linear month of April’s codes… for Pure Heart Remembrance through a Christed State of Consciousness (Crystalline LightBody)…. and each’s various stages of their own personal/individual Ascension processes….

With EVERY CODE that is “released”, the next facet/phase becomes available for each. This code is a part of a much bigger geometric code/equation and whole body-field-reality template that “builds” over much linear time/years….

With the entire people of our planet deep in the middle of individual awakening as a part of Planetary Ascension/Sacred Remembrance, Photonic Light makes distortions LOUD and are “triggered” (by way of polarizing, amplifying, exacerbating and dismantling/collapsing/unifying ultra-high-frequency light), so that subconscious suppression can feel/observe/see/learn/processed and consciously/energetically released from each’s entire cellular body/field. This is a part of the body becoming conscious by way of releasing that which represents immense distortions not visible before. The human aspect’s response to “discomfort” or anything that challenges it’s “realities”/belief systems is to push away/resist and do everything “not to see/feel” that which can be blatant…. yet the “time” (vibrations) of “suppressing” comes to an end with every up-level, every mega-blast of Photonic Light Codes (Consciousness) and every experience that occurs to “up-heave and unravel” (uncoiling DNA), so that the body can achieve a much higher vibrational frequency than ever before.

This is a year of immense transformation and change. This is pivotal year in the transition of humanity out of all of the old ways. January’s focus was on the “new template”, February’s on “infrastructure”, March’s on Structures and Systems…. collapsing the old holographic structures anywhere they were still in place within each’s inner-constructs (body/field templates) and seeing how “broken” the old systems are as a part of a “corrupted timeline” correlating to many analogies/metaphors/extended existences …..

Old Atlantis/Old Galactic/Old Earth Human species living certain “versions of realities”. There is a NEW Atlantis, a NEW Galactic Star Nation/People, a NEW Earth/Terra Nova version available for all…. which become available as the tainted existences and timelines emanating from egoic/shadow/hidden need/greed for power and control and misuse of power/authority become visible in the Light for all. Old Earth realities fed on the energy/life force of humanity and created a virtual/invisible networked fear-based prison systems of limits and rules only visible when one steps so completely away to view the whole entire thing from a Multi-dimensional/Quantum Level in order to connect all the dots/puzzle pieces and be willing to admit that which it didn’t want to before… THEN CHANGE can come… as each goes deeper within to access “new realizations” and starts to make the changes in their own individual life that facilitate an entire “Dimensional Shift of Consciousness” out of those beliefs/mentalities/perceptions/realities/timelines…

The body’s vibration was too low before, without any individual/collective awareness of this. SO MUCH has to be unanchored and total energetic/body relaxation/surrender on every level has to occur. Total surrender of each’s energy to stop fighting, struggling, hanging onto everything…. and learn to tune in, trust, listen and honor that which is KNOWN DEEP WITHIN. Total surrender on an energetic level so that the body’s automatic safety/protection mechanisms finally dissipate/release…. to ALLOW THE BODY to raise it’s vibration naturally, organically and without the resistance that the body holds to “all of this”….. (expansion). Full surrender so that each’s heart can finally open and expand all of the way….. so that the mind goes fuzzy and the fixated/linear thoughts dissolve into nothingness… and each’s ENERGY CAN FINALLY EXPAND beyond the gridwork of the body (a lattice) that was “holding all of that in place” in order to expand and merge with/as the entire Quantum Field.

The physical body has to raise it’s vibration “out of that energy/reality” and become fully conscious, through immense density clearing processes, immense realignment processes, immense recoding processes…. a powerful DETOX of everything not functioning at the vibrational frequency of each’s PURE SOUL (LIGHT)…. which was each’s barrier for LightBody integration to occur: The Light of Each’s Highest Aspects/Soul merging within the physical form and re-writing everything in accordance with all new Light Codes….

Until each can recognize separation and deep programming for what it is, it continues to “play out” as each’s experience (an unconscious repeating loop-cycle timeline)…. as it’s each’s new awareness that gives each the ability to see and understand that until each says no more to the old ways…. they are accepting the old ways as “real”…. March was an immense “purge/detox/purification” of deep old programming so that entire collectives can start to shift… forgo COLLECTIVE QUANTUM JUMPING… the codes that have been prominent since January of this year….

As more of HUmanity continues to feel/see/view all through their own Pure Heart-Body, each regains their own hUmaNITY, connection with all as ONE (Love), living from compassion, deep sacred respect, care, love, kindness, generosity, sharing and everything finally starts to shift….

COMPASSION is an energy lacking where separation exists…. COMPASSION and CARING is one of the Light Codes/Frequencies that were prominent through March’s acceleration and shall continue to increase as all go…. as each’s own experiences/new realizations and deep Sacred Heart Connections are how this occurs for all….

Fear is the absence of heart-soul-connection and compassion as a result of a deeply disconnected (forgotten) state of amnesia. It’s a defense/protection mechanism (deep seeded/seated program) that keeps all separated, pitted against, in a destructive survival mode … until that energy finally dissipates/dissolves…. Fear is each’s prison until that fear dissolves and new realizations are accessed from deep within activating each’s inner-power to move beyond that version of “reality”….

This week/month is an important passageway… one of DEEP SACRED REMEMBRANCE that changes everything for each tuning into and experiencing this…. through their whole body/heart/field…..

March 30-31st unleashed a plethora of LIGHT CODES…. relative to every existence (this should be interesting)…. offering each the opportUNITY to go deeper within to clear out separation/distortions relating to each:


For the unconscious realms functioning from a state of amnesia/separation still, these activate utter and complete chaos for the dissolving of all of that distorted polarized energy still held….

To bring the whole body online with NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS, it’s whole vibrational frequency must raise substantially and be able to HOLD the immensity of these Ultra-High-Photonic light frequencies INSIDE…. which changes the structure/dynamic of each’s awareness (reality), changing the molecular/cellular structure within the body, therefore changing the trajectory/path each takes…

Every path is the path… There is no “one way” or “right” way to do this… there is aligned with the Ego Aspect or aligned with Pure Soul/Source/Light and Higher Self Aspects. This vibrational/energetic alignment will determine the “outcome”/experience called forth from this every “Zero Point” NOW… which is where all “realities” are birthed/created/transmitted from on a Quantum/Vibrational/Energetic Level and relative to each’s overall Level of Consciousness. EVERYTHING is a part of “this”.

Expanded or Contracted:
Are you functioning from an expanded state of Consciousness (Love, New Awareness, infinite perceptions) or a contracted state (fear/separation – a program/belief)? Every moment this is what we observe, because in every given NOW… many states can be present… the KEY is to realize and choose to shift to an expanded state and out of that contracted state (survival mode/doing what each were told/taught/believed before)….

These LIGHT CODES are no joke. They change the entire dynamic of that which all call “reality”. They restructure all in accordance with Universal/Cosmic Codes/Laws…. They re-write “reality” constantly and “move all” to a higher frequency bandwidth as the density clears each’s physical body make-up and field….

Be open to feeling completely different, constantly changing and BEing different than you were before, nothing making “logical sense” (that was linear) and for your body to go through an immense re-everything process as it accomplishes the “unbelievable” according to the human aspect mentalities/beliefs/minds….

Be open to all new…. new perceptions and not feeling like your “old self” as your “new self” emerges/comes forth through you….

Silence, stillness, perfection in the moment/experience and pure peace, love, unity are a result of inner-unification processes…. and a whole body/field Consciousness unification shift. Linear “time” will cease to exist, slow, come to a halt… and everything will merge into one/oneness… a magical and beautiful experience that is unparalleled by anything else. So pure….. simple and where nothing/everything all coexist within one simultaneous space…. ♥

Be open to “rapid release” of that which is no longer highest aligned for you/all …. and no longer fulfills/resonates anymore…. as “new” prepares to come forth as YOU start to move your own reality in the direction that’s highest aligned instead of the old….

ENERGETIC/VIBRATIONAL ALIGNMENT are a completely different “reality” (existence) than before….

Moving from Linear to Quantum… does not fit into the constructs of the old… and the constructs/systems of the old won’t work/fit/support “this new reality” …. as the “game changes”, entire realities shift/change as a result.

One of March’s entire ENERGETIC focus was STRUCTURES AND SYSTEMS…
There was a point that the entire hologram collapsed, a dismantling of every belief/program occurred, no constructs existed for awhile… then the “broken systems” became a prominent energy…. which will become more apparent as we go….. (NEW constructs and systems replace all of those).

THESE POWERFUL LIGHT CODES HAVE TO BE LIVED…. they are LIVING CODES that we embody/breathe through our own Divine/Sacred Presence and our ACTS…. Pure Heart Consciousness is how…

SO, for April, new decisions are paramount in what each will accept as the new…. magic has “returned” as Rainbow Frequencies flood through. Each build/cross over “the Rainbow Bridge” by BEcoming the Rainbow Bridge through their own Chakra System (Rainbow LightBody) that expands, purifies literally energetically BRIDGES Heaven and Earth as ONE and creating a “bridge” for all to transition over to the “new” with their whole body/field.

Assist those around you and in your life with the transition in however this presents for you. It will be different for everyone and every situation is unique and follow energetic guidelines instead of linear ones…. Assist where all are open. Drop seeds (or bombs) as appropriate, while respecting where everyone is and their own Unique Roles here. Every “dimension”/frequency bandwidth/level of Consciousness plays out roles differently as a part of the whole… Yours is yours to hold yourself to and honor others in doing theirs as is highest aligned for them. We all can share, uplift, inspire and stop the old BS without attacking or diminishing other’s LIGHT…. CREATE the SPACE for each to see/grow/expand and choose… and “go on” and do your own reality AS PURE LIGHT however you see/are guided/shown from deep within you/your own Universe/Higher Self/OverSoul/Monad……

We have conversations and discussions through observing the distortions and programming so that the constructs can be broken down and re-assembled by way of NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS CODES.

There are 12 primary dimensions all running simultaneously, with completely different ‘realities’ (relative to expansion/contraction) and all can be observed from beyond the 12th through each’s own Expanded Consciousness….

Quantum realities are infinite and shift/change in every nano- second in accordance with Divine Alignment/Flow…..

THESE ARE POWER-UPS…. LEVEL UPS and await each one of us to ACTIVATE THEM through our own full consciousness…. breath/body/energy/acts….

All new codes must be integrated and stabilized honoring the important and immense whole body-template-field building process until complete. Gateways opening in abundance daily now…. It’s time to JUMP, Leap and WELCOME THE NEW by resolving/processing/unifying and Transcending the old fully from within….

ALL NEW EXPERIENCES ARE READY FOR EACH AS EACH ARE TRULY READY AND OPEN FOR ALL NEW…. Utilize your imagination to dream these through you and into your ACTual reality as you function from these new frequencies/energies/levels of Consciousness too.

InJOY creating, building and forming new connections, new relationships, new realities that support humanity as the greater whole…

Living our HUmanity is how… ♥ Tune into these magnificent frequencies as they flood continuously for all…..

With kindness, appreciation and deep sacred respect,
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼