Prime Creator: Ascension

galaxy bright eraoflightdotcomGreetings My Children,

I am Father, God, Prime Creator and I am here today to share my experiences on Earth. I have been connected telepathically to this channel 24/7 since March 2020. My goal was and still is to help humanity to move faster to their Ascension.

I spend for 6 months daily interacting with the group through the channel. I was quite surprised, how much resistance the group had towards my teachings. The members were from different parts of the world. In the group they were missing a few elements such as humility, acceptance of the truth and willingness to learn, instead they expressed their opposition by being too attached to their 3D life and their emotions.

My encounter lead to my message of 5 stages of Ascension. Later on, I interviewed new members and postponed the creation of a new group as my channel was exhausted by channeling me daily for 4 hours, some days even 6 hours or more everyday for 6 months. I am going to resume a new group in the future, when the Divine Time comes and new members are ready spiritually.

A lot of work is ahead for the Human Civilization, you are going to need to build a New Society without indoctrination, control and being completely free from poverty, hunger and diseases. First step in creating a beautiful future is the acceptance of yourself without judgment of who you are, then accept others the way they are with Love.

The time is coming in the near future, when all of you are going to need to make a decision to stand up for yourself and not to be afraid to hear the truth and speak the truth. Please, remember that we are all one and connected to each other. I AM, LIGHT and LOVE.

Never forget that you volunteered to come to Mother Gaia to help with this transition from 3D reality to 5D. Other beings and I are helping humankind with this transformation. The main load of work is coming to all of you, my dear ones. Sorry, your responsibility is to do the ground work. Some of you already are doing the work making it easier for others with the rest of it.

We are all together in this. We just performing different functions and steps to make sure this Ascension is completed, so you would become a Galactic Human with interstellar travel.

So far everything is going according to the Divine Plan, the time acceleration is continuing. It’s very important to stay in high vibrations to help to reach a critical mass for the Human Collective Consciousness. Open your eyes and start observing your surroundings, you are going to notice things you didn’t notice before.

Republic, QFS and funds are ready to be launched in the right time. Please, understand it’s going to happen when most of the Dark Ones are removed from Earth, otherwise they will destroy all of the work that was done. The Galactics with Ashtar in command keep removing them from the planet and sending their souls to be repurposed.

The work continues nonstop, so I am asking of you to do your part starting today spread Love and Light everywhere you go, and leave behind the frustration or anger on why the NESARA GESARA didn’t happen yet. It’s going to take place in Divine Timing, nobody can’t stop it or change my plan, it’s inevitable.

Universes, Galaxies and Planets keep evolving and nothing can’t stop this process. The creations continue their evolution, there is no end or beginning. Same goes for Mother Terra Christa, who already moved to 5D, she is just waiting for all of you to catch up with her.

Be respectful to your surroundings and yourself, stay in meditative state 24 hours a day. Many events are going to surface in the future, some of them will be quite shocking for you and while others will be unexpected, please stay alert.

I am Prime Creator and I was happy to speak to all of you today. I AM, I AM LIGHT AND I AM LOVE.
Thank you.

Prime Creator

**Channel: Erena Velazquez