Mary Magdalene: One Truth Within

mary magdalene eraoflightI am Mary Magdalene and I am here today to make you remember that you are one with the divine, that your Holy Grail is within you. It is a great revival that is now moving across the earth. People wake up from their deep sleep and discover that they have a different reality within them than the one they see in what happens on the outside. They begin to question their truths, the truths of others, and the truths that appear in the media. What is really true? This can be a little confusing at first, but the more often you search for the truth within yourself, the clearer and clearer the picture becomes. There is only one truth and you carry that truth with you from life to life. You are your own truth. “I am the way, the truth, and the life” were Jesus’ words and the same applies to you. You are the way, the truth and the life and these words will soon be revealed to you, as you search for the truth that rests deep within you. Love can be a short word for it, but love should really be a long word because it includes so much. It encompasses your entire Earth and all the beings that are in, on and around it. Love permeates everything that exists in the entire universe, it is the origin of all life, all manifestations of life, and of the transformation that is now taking place on Earth. It is the energy of love that is transforming the Earth today. There is always a common thread of love in everything that happens. It can be seen in the extended perspective but can be difficult to see in the short term. Everyone is filled with what is happening right now and can only process one piece at a time. This is how it has looked in the world, but this is now starting to change when you get a deeper look at what is happening within yourself. A new and deeper understanding emerges about what is the meaning of life and how I myself can relate to the life I live. You begin to see your own development and have realized that it has been a long journey, a journey that is now beginning to come to an end, where you leave a heavier energy for a lighter and brighter. Your steps now become more purposeful, you see your goal and your choices become more conscious, because you know what it is that leads you forward. You understand that it is love that you need to take in and open up to in your heart. It is with love that you should look at yourself, your neighbor, and the world you live in, that is when a really big change can happen and it is happening right now within you.

Beloved children, everything happens first within you before you can see it outside of you. The changes you see in the exterior, you have already discovered in your interior. If not, you will not see them. Do you understand the logic of awakening now, dear friends, you need to wake up to see what is real and the transformation that the Earth and you yourself are in. There are many alarm clocks, you wake up on several occasions before you turn off the clock to finally rise. It is a process of slowly waking up to a higher and higher consciousness to finally appear at the gate of light, where Christ meets and leads you into the kingdom of love and light. An era has come to an end and a new one has begun. The kingdom of love and light is the kingdom that is now waiting for you, dear children on Earth. A kingdom that also exists within you. It is the fruit of the good thoughts and deeds that surround you. It is the pursuit of love and compassion that has now begun to make itself known in the world. It is the energy of love that strengthens the longing to give and receive more love. It spreads its seeds everywhere on Earth today and the seeds attach themselves everywhere and start to grow and grow and grow… they grow fast because they often end up in good soil, soil that has received a lot of nutrition.

It is so, dear friends, that everything happens so much faster today, when you already have so much experience and are receptive to a higher energy of light, a light that you water abundantly, because you thirst for love and a new way of seeing on yourself and the world around you. You have grown out of the old and outdated and have begun to make room for something completely new. A new way of seeing, a new way of thinking, a greater understanding of how everything belongs together, and that you are a part of everything.

With these words I leave you now, beloved children, for this time.

Great love, Mary Magdalene.

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**Source **Channel: Ann Dahlberg