Yeshua: Look Forward to What is Coming

yeshua @ eraoflightdotcomDo not be afraid of the future! Take courage, have confidence and enjoy the things that are coming. Changes from the light reach the earth and the hearts of people are touched by the divine light.

The dark plans fail on all lines and those who have chosen the light and decided for the love of God enter HIS kingdom.

Beloved people,


The days are longer and we are in a new year. The awakening continues and more and more people remove the plank in front of their eyes. In the light of God, everything is being transformed and everything is coming to the surface so that it can be seen by all people.

The revelations continue, heaven is getting closer and closer to people, just as people are getting closer and closer to heaven.

The transformation successes of individual people are now making themselves felt and much that seemed impossible before can now be realized.

We are in a quality of time that makes manifestations of incredible magnitude possible. Now lightful plans are realized and light-poor plans fail on all levels.

Nevertheless, the dark players are running their game and new entanglements are presented to you again and again. Stay away from them and move on the timeline of light and love that exists parallel to this world.

Remain firm within, rooted to the earth you create through your light-filled thoughts and loving intentions.

Every day anew, sort out the chaff and harvest the good wheat.


God himself, the original source of all life, stands by every human being today. You will be shown ways out of seemingly hopeless situations, solutions for what seems unsolvable will be opened up and the impossible will become possible.

The time of miracles has begun. What many people still lack is the trust in miracles and the trust in God, who causes these miracles.

Create in yourselves the basis that you become more receptive for the divine and that you can see the divine more attentively in the many things of everyday life.

Unfold until one day you no longer know this world, but only yourself and the orders that brought you here.

You are not of this world and yet you are a part of it. How many times will you be born to internalize this realization?

Beloved human being,

God is with you and through God you are divine consciousness made man. Get rid of the heavy boots that bind you to this earth! Harvest what you are and enter into the light and love of God!

You are man through God and God has become man through you.

In infinite love,


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**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl