Higher Dimensional State

eraoflight blast“I was again made aware of how the Base, the Sacral, the Navel and the Solar Plexus chakras of most of humanity are under severe strain and stress of those souls who are awakening and those not awakened and even those who have raised their vibrational frequency band.

Most of this has to do with fear, uncertainty, and thus the greater survival mode programming of humanity which has carried been carried over many lifetimes and thus forms a part of the collective programming of humanity and indeed through the ancestral lineages as well.

It does not help if Lightworkers have their upper chakras open, but the lower ones are still very clogged up, or they are allowing them to get clogged up, by absorbing the collective fear of the masses regarding the virus.

The truth is that the higher your own vibrational frequency, the higher you move into the Soul Mastery and into the higher dimensional state, the less anything can affect you. Indeed, the higher you go, the more your innate immune systems will kick in and indeed, this is where you need to truly learn to nurture ALL your bodies, and not just the physical form.

Innate with the fear comes the fear of death. I have indeed nearly died five times at one stage in my life, because of a virus infection and pneumonia. At all times, I felt no fear of death, indeed, I found myself surrounded by Beings of Light and indeed at peace. I now have completely lost my fear of death, for I know that when I do die, I will merely shed this physical vessel and resume my true soul life in my home galaxies and be reunited with my soul family and galactic family -indeed Universal Ones. The soul is eternal.

“In the third dimension, the base chakra glowed a deep red. The color represented the SURVIVAL emotions that were experienced here on Earth, and many souls became lost within their lessons. As a result of this, many people began looking to often flawed leaders and teachers to make them feel safe. This is now rapidly changing as the platinum light of FAITH, TRUST, JOY and HARMONY flows into our base chakras, attracting happy circumstances. Indeed, the base chakra assists by offering memories or prompts from previous incarnations that show us in higher light. Any memories that do not serve are left behind.

“The fifth-dimensional Sacral chakra has provided some challenging lessons to those on the ascension pathway. This chakra is concerned with our sexuality and interrelating with others. Family relationships tend to be formed from this chakra, depending on the karmic blueprint that our soul brings into incarnation. Because the fifth-dimensional chakra column has been anchoring in high-frequency individuals, it has high-lighted the clearance needed in the sacral areas. When this happens, souls are presented with relationship challenges that require great wisdom, discernment and truth in INTUITION. When you finally pass these final tests, you step into a glorious fifth-dimensional vibration.

“Spiritual Mastery requires full control over every situation that is presented. The higher forces designed many scenarios to test seekers and raise their levels of discernment. During the transition to a higher frequency, it can be quite difficult to distinguish between the energies of the heart and the sacral. When you attract a relationship via the third-dimensional sacral chakra, it usually implies a physical connection only. The fifth seeks TRANSCENDENT LOVE. However, a deeper SOUL connection is found within the HEART.

“Every soul who masters the lessons of the sacral chakra adds to the wave of change that is lighting up planet Earth. This enables the souls to have an easier passage through their tests and initiations.” (Diana Cooper and Tim Whild “The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery”)

We cannot ascend if we still have vestiges of fear lurking anywhere, and more than this is we are not prepared to confront our deepest fears, our deepest insecurities, and more than this, the deepest false programming and belief systems in any form and way. The greatest of soul tests and initiations, will challenge you to indeed go deeper and deeper into all aspects of whatever there is lurking somewhere, this you will need to release, to work through and more than this, to forgive in yourself and others.

In truth, it does not matter what the collective of humanity are up to – what matters the most is what YOU are up to and how you are mastering your own soul lessons.

Judith Kusel