Soran of the Pleiades: Uprisings and Truths to Be Revealed

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomBe greeted master. This work you do behind the scenes is extremely large and soon people will be informed about what has happened on Earth and in the Universe. This is great news and you lightworkers must be strong in your conviction that this is absolutely necessary for people to know. It can be repeated many times.

The work behind the scenes is what will make the ascension go as intended and there is a lot that becomes clear when these are presented to the people about what has been necessary to make this great operation work and to be a perfect result. There are many in different Councils who have participated in this great work and you light workers have had a great influence in giving all the knowledge and experience from previous such assignments in the Universe. This work has not been something new for the light workers, but there are many planets in other galaxies that have gone through what the Earth is currently going through.

It is a fascinating mission with this ascension for humans that we see from above and there are so many light workers who work for the galactics who lie with their ships in the atmosphere and who contribute to everything going as it was intended. We will get a lot of help from all the people who leave the Earth to the other side of the web. These people have left Earth before the great solar eclipse and to return to Earth in a vibration that is in resonance with the new world. These people have nevertheless contributed to the ascension when they lived on Earth with their light to strengthen the light workers.

It is very likely that there will be unrest for some time to come and large demonstrations with protests against the rulers of different countries with the revelations that come. The virus disappears and so do the vaccines. Then it will be a great time to catch up after all the shutdowns and everything will be changed. Much is then better for everyone.

The work that we in the Council do for humans and for the Universe is to primarily get the dark to leave the planet so that humans have a chance to live in the new world on their own terms without anyone else wanting to take over for their own gain. There are many now who have been captured with arrests and it is happening all over the world. Humans, along with galactics, have been able to convince the agenda of the dark, and in that way there is no doubt that they will be convicted of the crimes they have committed. There used to be so much fear and respect for these people, but now the fear has been given less space for the people and they have started to question a lot. In that way, had the courage to catch these criminals that it is about.

People’s awareness has been raised a lot in recent months and with all the love energies, the vibration has been raised for the whole planet. It is fantastic to see and it bodes well for the future. Rather than you think, you have seen and experienced the new world with all its fantastic opportunities that are a blessing to everyone on Earth for a better life. Take care of each other and love each other.

With light and love


Many thanks. In loving service. I am.

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**Source **Channel: Inger Noren