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time for truth eraoflightdotcomIt is a three-year delta/anniversary for this important Cue drop. Thanks to Kim Runner from Anonup.

3-Year Delta today for #1082 – The “Start.”

This Cue drop confirms the relationship between President Trump and John Kennedy. An Anon asked Cue if JFK Jr is alive. Cue responded with ‘No’. It is correct. John Kennedy has not been Junior since his father was murdered.

Also from Kim Runner – this powerful meme about John Kennedy. It is no secret that he vowed to avenge his father’s murder. He had to fake his death to achieve his goal.

On God’s winning side – light and justice will TRiUMPh over evil!

Even the MSM is being forced to report the truth about the virus. Major Patriot at Gab…

I guess those crazy QAnon people were right. Again.

Here is another example of the MSM being forced to finally report the truth – this time about the H.[B]iden laptop.

Kitty Shackleford at Gab…

MSM is finally reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop, claim it now has been verified by ‘top forensic experts’ (as if they would ever wait for something like that before publishing)

This Katie Hopkins Gab post could be seen as depressing – OR a reality check of the true nature of the Alliance war. We Light Warriors must not give in to despair. We must keep fighting for people like the poor souls who emailed Katie.

My email inbox

1) A radiologist inside the NHS alarmed because it is not ‘standard procedure’ to send vaccine patients with headaches for a head scan for brain clots.
2) A woman who just lost her mother to a brain clot one week after a vaccine
3) A lady asking me if she will go to heaven if she kills herself because she does not want to live this life any more
4) Young kids asking me if I can help them because they have no one to talk to and their school is making them wear a badge if they don’t comply with testing

I know I am preaching to the converted with this vaccine intel – however you might be able to save someone you know with the information. Sadly, it is too late for the young woman I encountered yesterday. She was pleased to announce that she and her 11 year old son had just had ‘the [C]OVID jab’.

Finally, some light relief from Babylon Bee. This satirist can always be relied on to bring a smile to the faces of weary Light Warriors. Scroll through the website for some clever humor.

World Patriots are doing a magnificent job of holding the line. All the comments from readers on my blog site are positive and hopeful.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

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Sierra (NZ)