Galactic Fleet Command: Be IN the 3D World but not OF it

fleet command eraoflightdotcomWe greet you once again, Dear Ones! It has become our determination to not bring a message to you unless it seems to be needed at the specified time, or is a bit different from what is in the many other fine channelings that you receive daily.

The message we bring you at this time has to do with living in the present moment in the way of ‘AS IF’.

Many of you Awakened Ones are waiting with great anxiety for when the announced disclosure of the evil Dark Forces will be brought forth… and have almost ceased living! What we wish to say here is that you need to continue living your present life ‘as if’ there were nothing different from the past of your life in this incarnation (before the ‘pandemic’, that is).

You have been told to think and dwell only in the Higher vibrational frequencies… to not let your awareness sink down into the lower 3D vibrations. With this advice we do concur. However, if you are like this channel – who already has an extreme tendency to float above the earth – you are missing out on the ‘process experience’ that brought you into this Earthian incarnation in the first place. In other words, you could be doing this same work – out of an incarnated body – in the Higher realms with the many other Higher Beings who are aiding Ascension at this time. We might add here that you would be amazed at the number of beings – even from other planets and galaxies – who have wanted to incarnate on your Earth planet at this time in its history in a way that we have never seen before! Previously it was considered quite a dull planet, with such a very slow evolution!

It is true that you are anchoring the Light and Love into the earth just by being on the planet… and also radiating the Light and Love from your very being. But there are times that you need to actually be down in the lower vibrations to be able to aid in lifting up those who are ready to awaken but are unable to do so on their own.

Please understand that your evolution will not be harmed or impeded if you are actually living in the 3D realm but with your knowledgeable intent and awareness in 5D. This is the reality of being for all Wayshowers and Lightworkers! How else are you going to lighten the paths and show the way? — certainly not by beckoning them from above! You need to be right there with them, leading the way! Of course discernment is always needed for the extent to which you do dwell and partake in the 3D world. If a place or situation is too uncomfortably incompatible, by all means stay away from such. You will most definitely know the reality of that!

To sum it up: Be IN the 3D world but not OF it. LIVE ‘as if’ you are 3D — but THINK, FEEL, and EXPRESS as the 5D Beings that in truth you already are!

We ever encourage, support, aid (when asked), and love you, Dear Children of the Light. And we send you all our love and blessings!


**Channel: Beth Stormont for Era of Light