Judas Iskariot: Rapid Development

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and today I want you to understand that there are many who doubt, at the same time as there are many who have had a greater hope in their hearts. They have not turned their cloaks after the wind, they have turned and gone in the opposite direction. They have prioritized their reason, their health and the humanity within them. They have understood that without compassion for their fellow human beings, you can not get the ship to roll on without it capsizing a little here and there.

Now take a deep breath, dear earthlings, and rest in yourselves for a while. If there are any tensions there … then take a few more breaths and think “rest” for each breath. Feel how all the muscles relax and that a peace spreads within you. It is in the peaceful atmosphere that you should preferably meet your day. That is when we do our best, both for ourselves and for our fellow human beings. It is contagious, so to speak. You can still stand for your opinions where appropriate. In some cases, it can be like “throwing water on a goose” and then you are just wasting your own energy. You will soon notice if your words fall into good soil or if a certain interest can show for what you have to say, even if it is then not complied with, you have sown a seed. It is some of these seeds that are now beginning to wake up in earnest and they turn around to explore more in themselves, and in other sources that now for some unknown reason appear nearby. 🙂 If you are ready, what you need will be within reach, so that you can move forward at your own pace of development.

There is a rapid development on Earth and it is happening on many levels and it puts pressure on everything that happens today. It may be in the realm of nature, the animal kingdom or within humanity that small or large disasters occur, they shake off the old and pave the way for something new. Some must leave or be transformed in order for the new to take place. It requires a shift in consciousness and it applies to the different planes of the Earth. If there is a change in higher consciousness, it happens on all different planes on Earth, even though they may still be on different levels, but then in a higher consciousness than they had before.

I see that many people are suffering, there is great suffering on Earth. Great efforts need to be made to replace this suffering with humanitarian means. The will is there but the money is lacking. The money is in the wrong places and in the wrong hands today. Had the money been with the loving and compassionate people, the world would have looked different, and in the end it would not even be needed, for the joy of sharing would be the most ultimate for those people. It is the way you walk, it is through love and generosity that you change the world. It is when love and compassion grow in your hearts that you build a world of light and love. This is possible and it’s happening now. It may not look like that, but there is a lot that needs to be shaken up before it can become a true reality.

It is within you, dear earthlings, find it and you will be one of the building blocks of the world of light and love.

Be still and breathe … and find your own light. Amen

Great love


**Translation to English by EraofLight.com

**Source **Channel: Ann Dahlberg