Goddess of Creation: You As Your Soul!

galaxy bright eraoflightdotcomThis meditation took place on the day after the Equinox. I could feel the energy of balance that had an effect on all that the Goddess was doing as she worked with our energy. The move into the 5th Dimension was complete with the solstice in December. This first quarter of the year has been about integration. Now, the integration will continue for some time as people move through the awakening and ascension process. However, these four times of the year; the two solstices and two equinoxes are times when all is amplified.

The focus that the Goddess has as we experience the equinox was on working with our soul. We as our soul are massive infinite people. We have always had access to this energy, but our perception in the past was that it was limited. This is a glorious benefit of the ascension process, that we have an expanded flow from our divinity. As we moved into the All That Is, the Goddess created a space where we could align with our divinity. Our divinity is massively filled with many, many lifetimes and experiences. We had an opportunity to look at our soul and see if perhaps there were past lives that were holding us back, past lives where we were stuck in old energy that was still having an impact on our lives. There was a great deal of clearing that took place which then allowed for an even greater amount of light to enter our awareness.

Lastly, as we looked at the earth we could see the now massive amount of light and energy flowing in and around it. It is a dramatic difference from other times when we looked and it is truly a result of the ascension. So no matter what is said on the radio, in your groups, or whatever you read; stay in the place of light and love because it IS here and it is now.

Nama Sika, Venia Benya You are the One, You Are the Whole

I greet you beloved family I reach out from my heart to yours I reach out to embrace you in this now moment!

I so appreciate our times in which we gather together as a community. This gathering is an opportunity for you to open up your heart and feel the essence for who you are, but also to feel the flow of energy that moves from you to the person to the person to the person that is also around you within this energetic room.

At the beginning we always speak the words; Nama Sika, Venia Benya. Nama Sika is I AM the One, every time that you use that phrase you are acknowledging your own divinity you are acknowledging your soul essence and it strengthens the alignment within you in your consciousness.

Venia Benya, I AM the Whole. Through your alignment within your own divinity, you are linking with the alignment of all that are also living breathing, and experiencing their life through their divinity. The whole is the consciousness of the central sun. The whole is the God source energy and each one of you are a portion that makes up that massive amount of energy.

As you are here upon the earth you live your life as the independent person that you are. As you are continuing to integrate the vibration and the frequency of the fifth dimension and higher you are opening up an even greater alignment with the source energy. When you consider that short phrase and how it is tapping into not only you as source but the universal source energy it is a way of sending communication through your telepathic energy or your vibrational frequency.

It has been the first quarter of this year. You had the equinox yesterday which is the balance and frequently is the integration of whatever was initiated with the solstice in December. In this case that was the anchoring of the fifth dimension into your everyday reality and Gaia, Gaia was already there but the portion of Gaia that was a part of the collective consciousness. And so, you’ve had these last three months and the vibration truly is rising there is much less attachment of the third dimensional frequency.

I know as I say that, that many of you will be saying oh, I disagree with that one because indeed there is so much that is just in your face. However, as we move into the All That Is, we shall experience that.

So, take a deep breath in, and as you breathe in create that ball of energy around your heart center. Within this ball of energy and light, you infuse your focus and your awareness. Take a portion of that and send it down so that it moves down through your solar plexus, your sacral center, your root center creating; a balance through your energy bodies, and then that moves down until it goes into the earth.

As your energy links within the earth, it spreads out in different directions. Take this moment and just feel the frequency of Gaia. Feel this energy and what it is to you. For some, it is as if you can feel the pulsation. For others, it may be a deep, deep grounding as your vibration aligns deeply with Gaia.

Let that flow back up within you that energy from Gaia comes back up circulating within your heart and then you send more of that ball of light as it moves up through you. You are now sending your consciousness up through your throat, your third eye, your head center you send it all the way up until you align with your higher self.

Look around within this space. Here you may see some of those things that you are working on in your daily life you may see some of the opportunities you may see the way in which you are working through finding an answer.

You then send your energy further up, there’s that stream of light that takes you directly into your God source energy this is your I AM presence and through that, you link with the All That Is. As you find your consciousness merging with your soul with the essence for who you are, allow it to stretch as you see the various aspects of yourself.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you and as our energies merge, we move into the plane of the All That Is. You have access to that through your divinity you have access to the central sun, you have access to the universe all of it through your soul essence.

As you are here within this space, look around. Each one of you have a unique location that you always will come to. For many, it gives you that sense of security. For others, it’s as if you see those things that you are working on. However, at this moment I’m going to just send a wave of energy through everyone and everything that is here ~whew~ let it clear out anything from the past that no longer serves you. If you have been in a rut, let it clear out the space of that rut.

I would like for each of you to have a sense of calling up your soul. It may be as if you are rotating and looking in a different direction, it may be as if it’s just an energy that manifests all the way around you. Your soul is magnificent! Your soul has had experiences that go on and on and on. So, as you take in your soul right now, I invite you to have that perception of just looking at as much of it as you may comprehend for some it may be a small segment for others it may be this limitless energy. And to give you a perspective I ask that we infuse perhaps a different color or a sound frequency or something that will help to identify the various aspects that are here.

I had this sense of some of you hearing like a symphony within your mind. Others I saw these sparkles; your experience is your own. For most of you, the aspect of your soul with which you align is that which is associated with your earthbound experience. So, we shall look at that aspect first of all. It may be that you begin to discern various lifetimes. Some of you may have a sense or see those lifetimes playing out in front of you.

There are many, many times in which these experiences are dormant and then they only come up if it’s something that is either going to move you forward or pull you back. So, at this point, allow just an infusion of light to move within all that is within your perception. Is there anything that comes up for you that is perhaps pulling you down? Now that’s a very broad range, there may be nothing that comes to your awareness. However, I would like to shine this light into your soul essence and invite any part or piece or aspect of your soul to illuminate if it’s actually stuck in the old energy or the low vibration.

There we go! Now for many of you, it was as if you were looking down or as if you were noticing something that was very dense and not moving as fluidly as everything else that was around.

As you shine this light into whatever that may be it may be; one lifetime it may be multiple lifetimes it may be a portion of the life you are living. For whatever that is, as you shine the light to illuminate this aspect that has been hidden from you, we allow it to come up so that you may have an opportunity to understand that perhaps this is something that has held you back many, many times in the past.

Okay, what I am hearing from people is that they may sense something without getting a good idea of what it is so be it conscious or unconscious whatever this is, we want to illuminate that experience or multiple lifetimes; whatever it may be. And we want to just kind of like reach under like we’re scooping it up we’re digging it up and we’re just going to bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~ and let it go.

As you clear out whatever that may be that light that was illuminating the area just goes and fills in those spaces and it creates a new alignment within the rest of your divinity. And as that comes into your awareness, I ask you to look around. See if now because you’ve cleared what you’ve cleared if there’s anything else that is showing up for you. You may turn in a circle, there may be something behind you, you may look up look down as if you are in the center of a sphere and that whole sphere of energy is your divinity and so you look and see.

For some I see you pulling down whatever it may be ~whew~ let it go and that white light moves through clearing it out.

I now ask that as you are in your soul let us look specifically towards the earth plane and if there’s anything within your vibration or your frequency that has remained in the third dimension allow that to come up to your awareness. Understanding it was simply the experiences of this lifetime and they served you at one point or another but they no longer serve you. And so, you bring it up, you bring it up from wherever it may be ~whew~ and you let it go.

There we go. Many of you I could feel like you were floating a little bit higher with doing that allow that white light of your soul to just fill in those spaces within you. This time, specifically ask to see the essence of the fifth dimension and higher. It is already here within your soul; it is already here supporting you! Take this moment as you are immersed here within the divinity that is to let it just wash through your consciousness let it wash through all of you and it will flow through every single lifetime everything every single experience so that it transforms your soul essence.

As we do that, we’re going to shift so that you are no longer directly within your divinity but instead you are in the All That Is that gives you more than just your soul essence. Some of you may choose to remain within that space if you do so that is your free will. But as we move into the All That Is once more, look at your divinity. You feel how that frequency washes over you. You see how it is all illuminated and you comprehend how you have even greater access than you ever realized to all of this high light frequency.

Now look as if out in front of you, you see the earth. As you stand in essence on the equinox look towards the earth with the balance that is intrinsic within Gaia. And, be it the spring or the fall equinox whatever it is in your part of the world tap into the vibration and the frequency of what that is new growth or the harvesting. the balance that is intrinsic within.

As you look through these eyes from the ascended energies, as you look at the earth itself, you can see how much has transformed. In part, as you look through the higher frequency it gives you access to what you may not have noticed in the past. You can see where there is still transformation that is taking place.

So, with the strength of balance from the equinox and that expanded consciousness of your soul have a sense of sending a beam of light that goes from you here in the All That Is directly into the earth you may choose to send it to the part of the world in which you live, you may choose to send it someplace else.

You are here in the massive power and balance of your divinity and you amplify as that moves into the earth. As it does so, Gaia feels and pulls in that balancing energy. It moves in waves through all of humanity clearing out the low vibration that has still been stuck within part of humanity.

Just as each one of you are here present consciously tapping into your divinity so too every single person upon the earth has the ability to do so and placing that frequency of awareness within the collective consciousness gives people the opportunity to begin to find that greater clarity for themselves.

Look at the earth. This time, truly look at the higher frequency and vibration. As you do so if you have had any concerns about what is happening you see how much light and energy is present. So too look around the all that is look around at the many ships at the many, many benevolent ones that come both from other planets and the universe all are here working with you. And the planet of earth is becoming brighter and brighter illuminating all that is within and around.

You can see it or sense it or feel it. If there is something that comes across your awareness in your daily life and it begins to pull you down again remember this; there is so much light frequency available to the planet, available to all.

You may also have that perception of how easily the energy flows between the earth and these higher frequencies. The All That Is has multiple dimensions within it and you have the ability to flow, moving through those many, many dimensions. It is your way of experiencing the ascension process.

There are many that will continue to send that energy into the earth however I also invite you to come back as a circle. Indeed, I can feel that there are so many of you that would like to stay longer within this space so we stretch time space reality that you may be here as long as you so choose.

However, as a group I see you coming together. Experience yourself as your soul as your high vibrational soul essence. As you do so look soul to soul to soul to soul with the others that are here in this group.

Ansaluia: I AM my soul and I see you as your soul it is this high frequency as a means of recognizing one another.

Coming up within this group is the hologram and that hologram is already infused with all of the light that you gave it and you still send in the light of ascension, the light of the higher frequencies so as to clear out any and all of the lower dimensions that no longer serve anyone upon the planet.

There’s that part that goes out through the universe moving out through the planets and the matrix of the universe and the remainder goes down into the earth as it connects with the earth you see it moving through creating an expanded balance and alignment that you may easily tap into in your everyday life. That ball then continues to go down into the center of the earth anchoring within Gaia and shifting upward

You were living most comfortably in the fifth dimension but this ball of light that anchored was activating up to the ninth dimension. Because that will create even greater stability for all of you in your everyday life walking upon the earth most likely you will not tap into that. However, in your meditative state you will be able to more fully access the ninth dimension, the sixth the seventh the eighth but it gives you greater ability to expand your own awareness.

Your own vibration comes up within you through where you anchored upon the earth it also comes up into every person. It comes up through the waters the grass the trees it creates this flow of energy and light that is accessible to all. It is clearing out more and more of that low frequency and the low vibration.

You bring back the remainder of your consciousness it flows from the All That Is it goes back through your soul essence. Feel how much more comfortable you are within this space. Look around and see how much more you can see.

And then that streams down coming through your higher self, coming back to your head center and coming back into your heart. As you take a deep breath in feel yourselves anchoring back here upon the earth.

Take a moment and consider that broad expanded perception as you linked with your soul looking at the world through the eyes of your soul. Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

As you are living your life remember that you are more than just this life. Remember that you are actually your soul essence and that your soul is massive. Let that be your truth, let that be your reality. Anytime that your perception changes from that or you get caught up in the lower frequencies, remember to just feel the love. Feel the love of your divinity the love of the god source feel the love of the light and the frequency that is here now.

Beloved know that I am always with you and within you.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net