Starlight Activation; Citizen of a Timeless Universe

light waves eraoflightdotcomWeaving in and out the frequencies draw upon the dimensions as the fulfillment of thought, then whatever it is; comes into being. All dimensions are linked as one.

My visit last night and for many nights now were with Beings who visit close to Earth in light Ships. They are connected to the Divine Watchers and have had existences in multiple worlds and Universes. They told me they have appeared on Earth and will continue to do so. I gladly welcomed the opportunity to meet with them and to be on their Lightship.

Humans, are not quite ready for the unfolding.

For how we appear, as if a different race, is yet to be understood by those on Earth. For our apparent differences are not what are visits are about.

It is about what we share in common.

For we are all part of this fabric of frequency dimensions. They are all linked in a timeless universe, in which I am a citizen of. And we all are coming into that space, through the heart, where this becomes the reality of all.

Recognize when you think you are LITERALLY creating the result of those thoughts.

Be mindful in all moments. Be aware. BE conscious, be present in your Heart.

For the gateway to this TIMELESS UNIVERSE is on the verge to be the new normal Human Being and the resting place of all the DIVINE throughout many Universes.

In this we activate you. Form is not what you think, neither is creation.

Be in the space of the Heart. In love.