Sananda: A Dangerous Esoteric Trend

sananda image eraoflightdotcomJJK: For a good year I have been observing a dangerous esoteric trend. People are brutally rejecting any negative energy and mostly don’t even know if this is justified. “Don’t be so negative” is the slogan and more and more often facts are ignored, not even looked at or reflected upon. “Be positive” is the motto and life will meet you positive and full of light. Thereby the correct assignments are missing and most people do not know at all, when somebody unloads negative energy and when somebody only reports from the negative, without wanting to put this garbage around somebody.

This esoteric trend clearly goes to focus only on the positive, on the luminous, then everything will be fine. Some people don’t want to see, hear or know anything about what exists around us – and anyone who develops their own thoughts on current affairs is “negative” and unwanted.

“Esoteric corona” comes to mind, in that people who deal with unpleasant things are “socially distanced” and banned from life. For me this is a dangerous development, because it simply fades out the whole life on this 3D level. After all, this is the reality in which we still move – or still do!

Above all, I see that the people who no longer want to see the negative have the biggest problems when they themselves are caught up in negative events. It hits them unprepared and they don’t understand the world anymore.

Some people live in their esoteric microcosm and believe that the whole world is guided by it. My question at this point is:

“When does a person offload something inappropriate and when does he not?”, and further, “When is it even necessary to share negativity, as this is a growth opportunity for all?”

SANANDA: A significant thematic arc of this time, which we will now examine in depth.

Blessings to you who are following this message from the light and who are giving your undivided attention to this conversation.


You can recognize people who want to dump negativity by the fact that these people are not willing to talk about it. They monologue, at most asking petty bogus questions just so they can continue with their narrative.

People who abuse you as a muck bucket are easy to spot: they confront you with their fears, pent-up anger or withheld rage, they tell you this or that horror, but they don’t want any response.


JJK: With our children, I experience it often. They pick up energies somewhere and then they are in a bad mood. What about that?

SANANDA: This happens with adults as well as with children. The many harmful electromagnetic fields and the many people, especially in large cities, radiate and give off energy – often to the detriment of fellow human beings and the environment.

JJK: How to react to it. Should you separate yourself or understand it?

SANANDA: Both. With children, it is valid that this is accepted by the parents in love and they show the children how to behave.

Through simple exercises they can thus become stronger and become aware that anger or rage of playmates can have an effect and be transmitted.

The inner stop sign is of importance here to send back these energies if they are already there. Children understand very well that this is how it works on a subtle level and is not mumbo jumbo.

JJK: When is sharing “negative energy” justified? For example, I see that I often talk to my wife about this or that negative development on Earth. Sometimes my wife discovers a new imposition first, then it’s me again. Is it good to talk about it, or should no one tell the other about it, in order not to burden him, means to cover him with garbage. How to deal with it in partnership?


SANANDA: To live the partnership consciously means to consciously participate in what touches and concerns the partner. In this way, heavy things become lighter, because they are carried together.

On the other hand, joy and happiness increase when they are experienced together and not only alone.

What is important in this? Your narration should always have so much room for maneuver so that the partner can answer and carry out his thoughts. Who tells something negative, only so that it is told, unloads one-sidedly and loads with it the partner.

Basically, be aware: families and partnerships are for you to grow together through certain situations. You cannot ignore each other, nor can you ignore your partner’s problems. When it is said:

“separate yourselves” or “avoid extraneous energies that are inappropriate”, this applies to the partnership just as much. But this does not mean that what your partner experiences is none of your business. Always allow your partner the space to feel bad and never reject your partner.

Recognize in every topic that challenges you a new opportunity for your own growth.

Only there, where someone rolls like an addict one-sidedly constantly problems, without working on himself or to change something in his negative life attitude, there keep away – even if it is your partner.

JJK: Today the esoteric trend is to say, “The decisions have been made, there’s no point anymore in getting involved where, signing petitions, going to demonstrations, or the like.” I am skeptical here insofar as it may be right for the individual, but it can never apply to all people. After all, everyone has their own individual missions. What about that? Does it still make sense to get involved anywhere socio-politically?


SANANDA: The most important thing is: Know who you are and what you have come to do.

That’s what all endeavors are about. What is good for one is bad for another – and vice versa.

Please avoid generalizations. The many efforts of different groups to bring light and truth are very valuable. This is preparing the ground for something greater. It is not yet a spiritual awakening, however it is a good path for a milder course of change overall.

JJK: That is, the people who recognize how the world secretly ticks, who see through 9/11 or Corona as an attack of the dark ones on humanity, cause the change to happen more easily, however, that is not yet the actual spiritual change.

SANANDA: You are awakened when you can perceive yourself as a divine immortal creature. If you only fix your gaze on the ground, the celestial eludes you. However, the cognition for the heavenly is prepared on the ground.

JJK: That means summarized for me: Dumping and unloading are two different things.

In the partnership it is justified, as long as with it for all involved further realizations are connected. Then it is not abuse, but the opposite, because everyone grows from it. Otherwise, it is important to keep a distance, also in a partnership. Concerning the revolutions in the outside, it is always about which orders a person has …..


In this respect, the work of the many light warriors who stand in the middle of the 3D swamp and expose, for example, structural global child abuse, is infinitely valuable. Even though these people deal with “negativity” on a daily basis, the exposure is a light-filled process and infinitely valuable for all of us. These investigative journalists or bloggers deserve my utmost appreciation!

SANANDA: First, please urgently develop a sense of what people who bring the dark issues of this 3D reality to light are doing.

This is a great service to humanity and it is presumptuous to rise above these people out of supposed esoteric superiority. Their service saves many people from harm and those who do this work are very evolved souls. Not only the meditation carpet brings forth lightful things, often quite other ways have to be devised for this. Please recognize the light behind the “negative” and find the right assignments.


Now to your question that “offloading” and “dumping” can be two different things.

Overall, many people who have been engaged in their own transformational work over the past few years have learned that they are no longer to act as a garbage can for negative foreign energies.

Great steps have been taken here away from victim consciousness.

Having to endure everything indiscriminately and arbitrarily is unworthy of a human being and damages his consciousness. This was very often the case in past times and the Catholic Church and sects played an essential role in many religious traditions.

Today you are in the process of healing this pain. More confidently than ever before, you are carrying your light.

Now you have the power to go deeper and internalize the next lesson: consciously bearing in love.


The brusque rebuking or rebuking of people can now be replaced by the loving vibration of conscious bearing, where you choose to do so, but not always and everywhere. It is important to keep that in mind.

JJK: My wife and I are also sometimes faced with the situation, what can I expect the other person to do and does it fit now?

I, however, always draw great insights from what my wife shares with me in terms of observations, and I think it’s similar the other way around.

Could you please clarify again: When is it allowed to share negative things with someone and when is it not allowed – and vice versa, when should you bear negative things and when should you distance yourself from them and say STOP?

SANANDA: Share negative observations by being ready for dialogue, not just when you want to relieve yourself. The next person must always be given the space to respond. A lively exchange is always a win-win for everyone. You are used as a dung bucket when a response from you is unwanted and reflection is avoided. It is important to take this into account and to differentiate.

JJK: It often seems to me that the whole world is on the verge of tearing itself apart. Everything is getting crazier and crazier.


SANANDA: Staying sane now is the great challenge for all people. That’s why the inner compass, that is, the connection with the divine, is so important. This allows you to take the eagle perspective without completely distancing yourself from the world.

An eagle belongs to the world like an ant, yet an eagle has a completely different perspective on what is happening. He interferes when he chooses to do so, whereas an ant is always interfered with.

The sharp look of the eagle does not miss the smallest detail, an eagle, which closes its eyes circling in the sky, does not exist.

JJK: This probably concerns the people who do not want to see what is happening in this world, who suppress the “negative” and by this alone imagine themselves in the eagle’s perspective.

SANANDA: Open your eyes and be self-determined like the eagle, then you have understood what this conversation was about.

JJK: Otherwise, someone is probably imitating the “ostrich” rather than the eagle….

SANANDA: Shift all your aspirations to recognizing who you are and what brought you to this earth. Then you don’t need a role model anymore, because the ideas of yourself and the images of how something has to be are dissolved. Role models distort your field of vision of yourself. Always be yourself – or become yourself more and more.

Examine your life and what surrounds you with eagle eyes. This is the way.

If you believe a guru, you take a detour; if you believe yourself, you go straight to your destination.

JJK: The topics discussed here have kept me intensely busy all day today.

People still like to orient themselves according to “trends”, they follow “gurus” or they imitate. Even if many want to be an eagle, looking at what is, most of them don’t take it very seriously.

I realized how few people there are who love God, who are full of longing for God and who would give everything for God. People get bogged down in esoteric concepts of faith and still don’t get anywhere in the end. The love of God, the universal key of life, still remains hidden to most people. Yet it is so simple …

So pondering I reached in the evening for the book SANANADA REVELATIONS 1.

I asked for a clue to what had been driving me all day. Spontaneously, I opened to page 194 and I read:

The spiritual path begins where all systems, beliefs, and the wisdom of gurus end, where direct turning to God begins, there, and only there, does the arbitrary search for meaning and happiness end. Without longing for the Creator, the spiritual path cannot be entered.

I love you infinitely

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**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl