Birthing Ourselves Into Our Next Highest Harmonic

the light within eraoflightdotcomAs humanity begins to feel the pull and draw more and more to the light, each of us must find our way to our next highest harmonic.  This is a sticky navigation period. A null zone of sorts.

And while it is fair and accurate to say that there is indeed a collective experience,…what is so, so, so, so, so,much more relevant to each individual is our personal and overlapping experience and trajectory.

This individual experience is essentially our personal trajectory, which, ideally, will always be up-lifting us to our next highest harmonic frequency of consciousness, love, light and PURE SOURCE awareness…

We are birthing ourselves a new, moment to moment, regardless of what appears to be on the lower timeline trajectories of the mass collective awakening (aka, The 3rd Wave).

If you find yourself challenged during this time, BRAVA!

If its too easy, chances are, you likely are not up-leveling to your highest harmonic frequencies, which would be too limiting to a GOD BEING awakening!

SO celebrate the challenges!

We are each traversing null zone type of experiences which will continue into the next 8-10-15 years, easily, as HUmanity navigates a-new, and as Gaia~Sophia trajects and re-positions herself into her rightful galactic space…we will be Galactic Citizens in due time.

The hardest bits of these null zone experiences is that there often seems to be so much shadow that the light appears and then, disappears again, so the navigation seems uncertain…

It is during these uncertain null zone moments when support from the high vibe tribe is most beneficial for all of us.