Judas Iskariot: Countless Transformations

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and today I want to talk a little about what it is like to be human here on Earth. But we know that, you think now, although there is nothing small but .. You have walked this Earth for thousands of years and you go from the small to the big. What do I mean by that? I mean you have been through countless transformations in your consciousness. Your understanding of yourself and the earth you live on has reached unimaginable heights. You are now in the quantum energy and things are starting to fall into place so that you will have a complete understanding of how everything works in the universe. You have now come a long way from a spiritual perspective, but the spiritual aspect needs to take a larger place in your consciousness if you are to get a completely clear picture of how everything interacts. It is impossible to distinguish one from the other. The invisible is much more powerful than the visible. The visible would not exist if the invisible did not exist. It is together with a greater force in the universe that everything manifests itself in the way it does today. It is in cooperation with this power that you grow in your consciousness. However, you must not forget that you have a free will, a will to go at the pace that you yourself choose to go. If you want to stay where you are, you have the opportunity to do so, and if you want to advance and step up a step, you can do it. The latter can, however, give you challenges, so that you can reach the awareness you desire.

In today’s society, many have chosen a little more challenges as they want to raise their awareness in step with the Earth because the Earth itself has now chosen to ascend into a higher sphere of light. There has always been a development on Earth, it has gone from darkness to light, although in some places and eras it has been brighter with a clearer consciousness. The big difference now is that the whole Earth will become light with a clearer consciousness, together with everything and everyone who is currently feeding on it. The whole Earth must in its entirety ascend into a higher sphere of light and she takes everything and everyone with her who wants to ascend with her. It is a time of joy and gladness, the universe eagerly awaits to welcome the Earth into the light again.

It is this moment that you are working for, dear Jordbor, it is this goal that is your big goal today. The small goal is for you to increase your own awareness so that it is in line with Mother Earth, so that you can become the helper to Earth, as you are now meant to be. You can not skip the step where it concerns yourself, you must follow your own source, to be able to keep up with the Earth’s now somewhat turbulent development.

Dear Earthlings, listen to your soul and follow the guidance that is within you. Take time to search, take time to find your inner treasure of love and wisdom. It is there, it is waiting for you, you all have a task to fulfill during the hectic time that the Earth is now in.

Be wise, be wise and follow your inner leadership in the first place and let everything else come in the second place, that is important now. We strengthen your inner intuition and urge you to be able to achieve the goals you have once decided to achieve. The time is now, my dear friends, there is no other time than now. Stop today and listen… let the art of listening be your big goal today. The great light and the great love are waiting for you behind that door. The responsive one can effortlessly open it piece by piece. With an open door, you are a perfect servant of the light and the earth that you love.

Great love


**Translation to English by EraofLight.com

**Source **Channel: Ann Dahlberg