Archangel Uriel: Exchange Goodness for Loveness

archangel uriel image eraoflightdotcomI am Uriel. I come to you today in my full glory, in my full Light, (1) to let you know dear ones that you are strong enough, that you are brave enough, that yes, you are special enough that I would come to visit you.Yes, you are strong enough. You are strong enough to witness this Light. For this Light is you, this light is you as well.

I have come to answer your question. What happens if I fall off the bandwagon? What happens when I revert to negative thinking, to patterns of the past? What happens if I become judgmental. What happens if I see this is what is happening but yet I do not take steps?

Dearest Ones, you are taking steps just by calling me, by sending your questions out to the universe. I have come in answer. Humans have this idea, this peculiar idea of needing to be perfect, of perfection. But there is no such thing of falling off the bandwagon for that makes one not a good person. There is no such thing as not a good person. Goodness is of your very essence. But you associate goodness with badness and that is what the issue is. Can you change that word? Goodness for Loveness.

Oh, I know. You do not have such a word in your vocabulary but let us make it up now. Loveness. You are of Loveness. That you are of Lightness. Yes, Light. There is no such thing as one that is not Loveness for that is the essence of who you are. Now use my Light, use your

Light to shine upon all that is disturbing thee at this time. Or use thy Light which is my Light as well to change that which is disturbing thee. You may call on any one of us. It is with joy, deep joy that I have come in answer to these questions.

Now, what can Loveness do? Loveness has the ability to see within the eternal caverns of the universe. Caverns which have been known to a few throughout what you would call  your ages. But this has always been your eternal right and a gift that you were promised. So take a moment now and go within these caverns. Find that which speaks to you. Travel with me now as we go to the crystalline cave of the Pink Light. We travel on the Silver Light which is of my essence but you may travel on any Light that you so choose for all Light is of the Loveness. Come, hop along as we begin our journey.

Do you see the stars? Do you see the stars twinkling at you? These are of the same essence of you, of Loveness. There is no such thing for a star to fall off the bandwagon as you so put it for it just shines its Light. Can you think of yourself as a star that is twinkling, that is shining your Light? That through this Light is bringing Loveness to all, to all who see it. But the star continues to shine even when one is not watching it. For that is its very essence. Take yourself and let us see you that is shining as a star too, you as yourself of Loveness. Now let us shine the Light that is yours on any question, on any issue that you may have.

Do you see the child, the child within thee that says, I have fallen off the bandwagon. I have made mistakes. I am not good enough as I thought I was. What does a child do when a child falls and scrapes his or her knee? Runs home to mommy and cries. “Come let us kiss it, let’s bandage it” and the child goes off to play happily. The child does not say, “I have fallen and I can never get up again.” Being human is learning to do just that beloved. Falling and then just getting up again.

Celebrate. Celebrate that you have asked. Celebrate that I have come. Celebrate that I am always with thee as we all are. Celebrate that you are the very essence of Loveness, that Adonai has created you as such. Celebrate that you may now go on your way for a new day, a day filled with the Loveness of that which is you.

Farewell. I am with you. Call on me anytime and I will remind you to shine your Light on any issue, on any question. I leave you with one last thought although there will be many more. For I will be with you bringing these thoughts to you.  You have made the Loveness that is me shine brighter with this exchange. For what you ask and experience brings joy that I may serve thee, that I may serve one, all of you that are such bright beings of Loveness.


This channeled material may be shared on other websites on condition that no alterations or additions are made, that it is free of charge,  credit of authorship, website and this statement are posted.  Channeled by Lee Degani