Multi-Dimensional/ Quantum Consciousness

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomRe-Defining What Everything Means and How Everything Works…

The very definition of “reality” completely changes. What everything means completely changes. Our perceptions and understandings completely change… and “reality” must be re-defined and re-designed in order to honor what we now know/understand/see and have the capability to live/do and be….

Once we introduce a new level of Consciousness, the parameters change… The old definitions no longer apply. Those were for the “old” realities that served a single dimension… the 3rd Dimensional version of Earth. Everything created to hold Old Earth in place no longer serves humanity as a greater whole. Every belief, every “rule”, every perception… goes out the window when Quantum Consciousness enters in.

Through this “new expanded awareness”, everything is visible and those old ways are limited, contrived and obsolete. Through this expanded awareness, ability to hear/see/feel all on a whole new multi-dimensional level…. a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL System is born.

A multi-dimensional foundation, a multi-dimensional way, that takes everyone and everything into account and creates all new ways. These “ways” do not favor the old ways, the few and harsh, rigid beliefs once built upon limits, fears, lack and competition. They emanate from kindness, care, deep sacred respect and SUPPORT HUMANITY in evolving everything out of those realities into all new ones…..

A New Humanity ♥ A New Society

Imagine a society encouraged/built up, empowered and supported to live freely through creativity, openness, kindness, sharing, supporting each other, thriving through enhancing organic and natural abilities instead of creating mindsets of fear, separation and lack…

Imagine a society encouraged to flourish without mind-games, flourish within limits, flourish through JOY, PEACE and up-liftment… and supported in all of this.

Imagine a society not bred through survival modes, lack and fear. Imagine a society not defined by how much they have or statuses that make one “better” or “more important” than another …

Imagine a society that cares enough not to let each suffer or do without….

Imagine a society encouraged instead of broken or torn down…

Imagine a System that supports humanity on every level and every way. Where up-liftment and inspiration are a priority and limits are no longer in place to prohibit each from living their own Divine Birthrights…. freedom, love, peace and equality.

This is what we each are here to create, implement, build, maintain and sustain. This is what is possible when all move beyond the excuses, stories/narratives and self-imposed limits believed….

This is what is POSSIBLE when each invest and dedicate their hearts, minds, resources, skills and energy into creating something that supports all as LOVE.

This is what Light Keepers do, Light BEings, Souls/Star BEings and what the Frequency Holders of NEW Earth share….

THE WAYS TO ACCOMPLISH THIS. This is what each’s template holds… you/each one of us…. It’s in our cellular make-up and DNA. Beyond the distortions are all new realities… a whole new world that each bring forth, unite and accomplish as Pure Love here. It’s our humanity, it’s our love…. It’s each one of us DOING OUR PART in accomplishing/living this together as LIGHT BEINGS here.

THE CODES FOR A NEW HUMANITY exist within us all. All we each have to do is go inward, connect deeper, unlock them through our Expanded Heart-Connected Consciousness in order to bring them forth and apply them to our own individual/collective realities/worlds.

Not “one day”… now. One day is the game that the ego aspect plays. A game of separation of linear time. NOW is where all is created from, emanates from and is birthed.

What are you birthing/creating and living from your every now?

Peace, unity and expansion or limits, fixed mentalities and illusory games of fear/give my power away and control?

In every moment we each have a choice. To OPEN OUR HEARTS FULLY and anchor the new or keep trying to live by the old. The old is a “karmic”/unconscious timeline/energy/Level of Consciousness in and acceleration process of collapsing for the whole planet so that all can finally shift to a whole new timeline/reality (vibrational frequency) to live cohesively and in Divine Harmony the Energy of NEW Earth Consciousness.

Everything: From this Now.

Our inner connection and knowing must be stronger than any fear energy of separation is.

Scared or Sacred

Same letters, different energies and frequencies when re-structured geometrically.

Feel each word to be able to tell the difference in how powerful the energy of words and beliefs are on a cellular level.

One brings peace. The other does the opposite.

Unity or Separation.

Different feelings… different results.

A Quantum Humanity (NEW Earth Society) holds the ability to shift/jump/collapse and activate all new timelines/realities at will. These Template Codes are here for all NOW. ♦

Remember, feel and live your own Divine Sacred inner-connection fully, your power and the immense Universal-Heart-Knowledge/Divine Intelligence that you hold. Bring this forth for uniting, working together and accomplishing that which we all came here to BE and DO through Purity-Love-Wisdom. Your own Light is where all exists… ♥

With love and deep sacred respect and care,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Copyright: Please share to assist and awaken others too. All I ask is that you include my name or website for credit as the author of this content. NEW Earth is all about about sharing. This assists us all.