A Message on Planetary Health

era of light nature walkDearest Beloveds,

The holy divine planet that you live upon is sacred, and is a being whose purpose is to house and nourish the great multiplicity of life that the Divine Creator has brought forth into physical manifestation.

This is a great and profound miracle, that goes largely unnoticed by most human beings who are currently incarnated in physical form upon her sacred body.

The current planetary crisis that is unfolding, which is affecting all of life on the Earth, is part of the holy Earth’s divine rebalancing and transformation process.

Her physical form is moving from a third dimensional matrix, focused mostly on the physical levels, into a multidimensional energy body that includes all divine frequencies of the One.

This greater upsurge of spiritual light, emanating from her sacred core, has been ordained since before the beginning of time, and is creating a planetary purification of all that has been separated from the divine.

Most human beings have become accustomed to living in third dimensional awareness. The current planetary crisis is illustrating the underlying connection and oneness and relationship between all beings.

The holy sacred planet Earth has been suffering from neglect, and from the accumulation of negative actions, thought forms and energies that have been disrupting the natural harmony and flow of her divine nature.

She can no longer continue to offer her divine gifts of nourishment, in the current planetary atmosphere.

At the present time more individuals are becoming aware of this imbalance and neglect, and are attempting to find ways to live in more sustainable and harmonious ways.

What is equally important to the holy Earth is that she also receive the spiritual and energetic nourishment of love and positive, life affirming, thoughts, prayers, intentions and gratitude.

This can be done on a daily basis, simply by becoming conscious of the enormous gifts that the holy Earth gives to you each day.

This starts with the beautiful sun that warms you and that brings forth life, and with the air that you breathe that circulates that divine life all through your body.

Her holy gifts of life extend to all the food that you eat which originates in her sacred soils, and to the holy sacred waters of life that flow through your sacred body and all through the Earths sacred body, bringing cleansing, nourishment and movement to all.

The holy Earth also provides for sacred transmutation through the cleansing fires that transform and renew, and that move through all the other elements attempting to bring divine balance and divine health.

Beloved ones, there is great focus at the moment on human health, because of the global pandemic, and human beings are beginning to understand more of the reality that all are one and all are connected, and that the health of one affects the health of the many.

Now, it is helpful to understand that the healing of humanity’s individual health is inextricably connected with the health of the planetary body of the Earth.

Awareness of individual health and awareness of planetary health will need to come together in order to solve the current crisis.

These challenges cannot be solved from the level at which they have occurred. They need to come from a larger consciousness that exists within each person, and that also exists with the Earth.

You, dearest Beloveds, can help with your own individual consciousness, which ripples out into the whole through your actions, thoughts, words, intentions and prayers.

Seek to humbly learn from the holy Earth, and from the divine wisdom within your own heart, and encoded in every cell of your sacred body, how to live each day in a way that respects not only the sacred life within you, but the sacred life of the Earth.

This choice dearest Beloveds, will bring both freedom and needed transformation for all.

**Source **Channel: Mashubi Shekiniah