Sanat Kumara: Earth’s Transformation

sanat kumara eraoflightdotcomDear all,

What a unique time it is! At this moment, the earth is undergoing a transformation that no one could have imagined less than a couple of years ago. Even you who have long been aware that great changes have been on the way could not imagine what was to come. And it’s totally ok, in fact it’s more than ok, it’s as it should be. For nothing is fixed, everything is changeable and the future is created in this now. The future is already here, it’s about opening up to it. Everything you want is already there. Its opposite also exists, but it is you, your focus, who decides what will grow and what will shrink. That is why it is so important to be connected to love. That is why it is so important to see the brightest and highest and most beautiful in oneself, in one’s life and in everything around you. In other people, in animals, plants, nature. Not judging your neighbor but seeing the highest in him / her.

Many Masters have come to you and shown you the Way of Peace, the Way of Love. Jesus was such a Master, Gautama Buddha was such a Master. Be inspired by them, see them as practical role models in how to live your lives.

Appreciate the beauty. Close your eyes or turn the other cheek to what you like less. Leave what hurts, go against what does good.

At this moment, large parts of the human communities above the earth are shut down. People are trapped in their apartments in so-called lockdowns. You can see it as a great ordeal or as a great opportunity. Trials contain opportunities, never forget that.

It is more important than ever to be stable in love, to go into the inner heart and be stable in the contact with the inner heart, because when you are stable in your inner self, you are stable in your contact with Creation, with God. And he who is strong and stable in his inner love has an enormous opportunity to influence the world now, because you all belong together, you are all brothers and sisters, you are all part of the same family and your psyche, your hearts and your souls belong Together. At the energy level, you are all connected to each other. That is why it is so important with global meditations in this time, that is why it is so important with your own private meditations in this time, that is why it is so important with all activity that connects you to your highest and most beautiful self in this time.

You now have a great opportunity to not only affect your own lives, but also affect the whole of humanity, because you sit together, in terms of energy you are all connected. With some you have stronger ties of course, but you all belong together.

Listen to those who choose the path of Love, distance yourself from those who spread fear and division.

When you meditate in Love, you shine like bright stars on the surface of the Earth, you grow and grow, you become more and more and your light becomes stronger and stronger.

So have confidence, keep your focus in the joy, in the peace within you. Know that when you focus on love and joy, when you appreciate things around you, whatever it may be and find peace and appreciation in life, whatever it looks like, then you lift yourself up and open up. You open yourself to what you want, you open yourself to all that is joy and love for you.

Let your heart be filled to the breadth of love, let your mind be still in peace and appreciation, just BE in the moment that IS and make the best of it, make the best of it and see the highest in you and in others and know that when you do it so the light grows in you and thus in those around you.

You do not have to preach, you do not have to try to influence, no rather you should just relax and have confidence in love, have confidence in joy, have confidence in peace. Know that these forces are so strong that if you just open up to them and let them into your life, they will grow and grow and grow.

I wish you love, peace and joy.

Is a brother in Ljus,

Sanat Kumara

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**Source **Channel: Mia Lighthouse