Ancient Temples and Sacred Sites

earth shining eraoflightdotcomOne of the questions most often thrown at me is, when is consciousness going to evolve? To which I reply, consciousness is evolving every second, but it’s a personal trip, it moves relative to your own spiritual development on Earth. However, if you’re feeling a deep divide between what happens in your physical life and your spiritual life then there is a way to bridge this gap: visit an ancient temple or sacred site, the kind of places I refer to as self-help centers.

And I am not being sarcastic, there is science behind my thinking.

Over 12,000 years ago there were people on this planet that saw the landscape differently because they were closer to nature than we are today. This sensing of subtle forces allowed them to locate natural hotspots of electro-magnetic energy upon which they erected some of the world’s most enduring buildings. Stonehenge and the great pyramids are just some examples.

In the old days it would take a dowser to locate and prove these subtle forces (yes, dowsing has been proven to work, it’s the sceptics who want you to believe otherwise). Nowadays we have developed highly sensitive devices that can do the same, and the results are not only astonishing, they also validate what esoteric people have said all along.

One electrical engineer by the name of Pierre Mereux conducted an exhaustive study of the megaliths of Carnac in northern France and found that every stone serves a deliberate function in the processing of energy. His analysis shows how the dolmens amplify and release telluric energy throughout the day, with the strongest readings occurring at dawn.

The voltage and magnetic variations follow a scientific phenomenon known as electric induction. Thus a dolmen behaves like a coil or solenoid in which currents are induced and provoked by variations of the local energy field.

The readings he took reveal an energy that pulsates at regular intervals from around the base of the stones. These pulses are both positively and negatively charged; and on paper they resemble ripples in a pond, spreading out over thirty-six feet away from the upright stones. This is what I would term the stone’s aura. So whereas you and I see the physical boundary of the stone, its true size, energetically speaking, is over four times in diameter.

But what Mereux also found was that these pulsations recycle approximately every 70 minutes, demonstrating how stones, particularly menhirs, charge and discharge on a regular basis.

He also observed how the stone circles concentrate energy like a condenser, and dolmens behave like electrical coils. But the best part of the story is that Mereux was a skeptic. He refused to believe ancient megalithic structures served any practical purpose whatsoever. It was all pagan spiritual mumbo jumbo. In the end he proved himself wrong and validated what we knew all along: that these monuments give physical shape to an invisible energy that not only flows along the Earth but also interacts with a pulsating magnetic field out in space.

In the 90’s, scientists took magnetic readings at the world’s largest stone circle, Avebury. They found that the magnetic south pole of each stone faces the next stone in line as you walk toward the circle. This arrangement means that the north poles of the stones oppose the local geomagnetic field, as though creating a conduit of energy.

Inside Avebury’s two smaller stone circles, the south poles of all stones point at the next stone in a clockwise direction with two exceptions: the magnetic poles of the two massive entrance stones are aligned 90º to their companion. In other words they align with the stones of the avenue leading into the circle rather than with those within the circle itself, which begins to make Avebury look like a group of aligned magnets. Essentially, its ancient architects were following the same principle behind a modern atomic particle collider, in which airborne ions are steered in one direction.

The same can be said for many of the earthen mounds throughout North America, the vast majority of which were never built as burial sites but rather as markers of this invisible force. And this force isn’t only occurring along the ground, it also penetrates far out into space.

In 2008, scientists at NASA discovered how a network of portals open every eight minutes linking the Earth to the Sun. These electron diffusion regions, or X-points, are places where the Earth’s magnetic field connects to the Sun’s, creating an uninterrupted flow of particles between the two stellar bodies, perhaps even further.

Since these magnetic portals extend to Earth, they may be the very same phenomena that ancient architects described some 15,000 years ago in one of India’s most sacred texts, the Yajurveda: “Snakes whichsoever move along the Earth, which are in sky and heaven… which are the arrows of sorcerers.”

Every sacred site is located on hotspots of electro-magnetic energy, the type that influences the body and the mind and is known to elevate consciousness beyond a mere shamanic state, validating what the builders of ancient temples claimed about the buildings all along: that sacred places such as Chichen Itza, Teotihuacan and Edfu were designed as stargates for “transforming an ordinary person into a god, into a bright star.”

In other words, they are self-help centers to be used when you forget who you really are and the invisible universe you’re ultimately connected to.

Editors Note: The above includes theoretical assumptions, based on the author’s research and observation. No information in this article is intended to represent a cure for any health conditions.

**Source **By Freddy Silva