Draco Civilization: Common Enemy

the light within eraoflightdotcomGreetings,

We are a Draco Group here today to introduce ourselves to humanity. We come in peace, we work and have alliance with Galactic Federation of Light. We fight against the same enemy as you have: Dracos, Reptilians, Anunaki and etc.

We reside on a faraway constellation of stars not known yet to mankind, and kept in secret for now, as we don’t want the Negative Side to know our location. Our original civilization reached high level of evolution, and then got split up into two groups, part of us got influenced by Anunaki and Reptilians to get involved in a world domination by occupying your planet and other similar planets.

We are between 9 to 12 feet tall. The Royal White Dracos can be 15 feet tall. Our appearance is more of a dragon look, we have over 50 different species of Dracos. Our physic is muscular, and we have a warrior look. We weigh between 800 pounds to 1 ton. We live in 7th dimension and up.

We are pretty advanced beings, and our technology is beyond your wild imagination. The ships and the rest of our technology is top notch by the Universal standards, otherwise we would not be able to survive in this Galactic War.

Right now, at this moment millions of beings are fighting with the Dark Side that wants to wipe out everyone, who will not comply with their orders of worshipping them as Gods. Most of you saw the famous movie “Star Wars”, what you have seen there, it’s a thousand times more complex and more serious interstellar battles here, where every second life and death is on the line.

Ashtar in his next message is going to disclose the latest battle that recently happened between the Galactic Federation of Light and the Negative Ones, who support darkness, slavery and the destruction of other planets and civilizations.

Sorry, for the dramatic entrance in our introduction. Our group arrived to this part of the Galaxy with the mission to catch an escaped Draco Queen. She tortured, mistreated and sold out our own nation. We found her hiding in a human body on Earth.

She was severely attacking one of the precious souls, who has been bringing Light to humanity. Our intelligence received the report from a rescued Pleiadian Commander, this is how we found her. We are going to escort her soul to our planet, where the Draco Queen will undergo an appropriate justice that she deserves.

Our Draco Group is working with the Galactic Federation to help bring a long deserved happiness and freedom to your planet. We admire and appreciate your courageous and incredible skills, as all of you overcame many hardships that have been thrown at humankind such as the DNA manipulation, deceptions, lies and being controlled by the Dark Ones, who are using AI and other technologies.

Your freedom is not far away from becoming a reality. You are fortune and blessed by having millions of beings fighting on your behalf to help you. Also, you have your own Light Beings and Alliance on Mother Gaia. We are looking forward to seeing a 5D version of your world in the near future. We are grateful to be able to introduce ourselves, and we would like to have more transmissions. Thank you.

Stay United
Draco Group

**Channel: Erena Velazquez