Message from Creator: The Final Wake Up Call

eraoflight blastWAKE UP!

Wake up! Come back to the source! Find the way back to the light!

I am GOD,

Beloved people,

there is no more time to weigh, to wait or to clarify, what it is about the change, if at all. The change happens, here and now – in the middle of your life and before your eyes.

Now it depends on you, on your courage, your steadfastness, your faith, your wisdom and on your love for life.

What has man done to the earth and to all life on the earth! It is man who is responsible for the condition of the earth, and it is man who can put this right.

This can only happen if you become aware that you have to make your contribution now. The repair work has long been underway, but still so few participate.


So it happens that I, who am GOD, will shake the sleeping people awake. Each person will have the opportunity to make a new decision on the basis of facts. The light that will reach the earth in the near future will reveal and illuminate everything inside and outside. This will make it easier for many people to repent.

Suitable circumstances are needed for people to develop creative thoughts, loving feelings and spiritual access to themselves. It takes ONE EVENT to set everything in motion – and that event is coming.

You who have been doing great things for years, you who have been the callers in the wilderness in many lifetimes – do not despair. The time when you preached to the stones is over.

Now every person is touched by the light of God within, and thus receives the opportunity to repent. It is the last wake-up call to resurrection, it is the last invitation to change one’s attitude to life from the bottom up.

The work of those people who repeatedly came to earth to contribute to the change of consciousness is bearing fruit. People are becoming human again -compassionate and unconditionally loving creatures. The epoch in which people staggered through the times as will-o’-the-wisps is over.

You who seek the truth and stand against the wind that is currently blowing on this earth: Fear not! Even if it seems that the forces of darkness bind more and more power and exercise force over you: This is an illusion.

In essence, the satanic principle on this planet is at an end. What you are experiencing are the last round-ups and chaos – assaults of unprecedented dimension. At the same time, more and more light warriors are rising up and representing themselves, the people, life and light.

Unity through peace, freedom through truth – this path is irreversibly taken.

More and more people are awakening. In the end, a sufficient number will be born again and the change will take place. God’s grace will open people’s hearts – there will be many.

I am with you. Give yourself to me and you are alive in God. Your life begins and completes at this point.

The final wake-up call is coming.


**Translation to English by

**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl